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***June 5 2020***

As the city begins to reopen, we are looking at varying the format of events, some socially distant versions in compliance with official guidelines as well as continuing virtual events. We recognize that situations vary for everybody so we're hoping we can accommodate everyone as much as possible. Thanks for your continued support of Scene-Free and we look forward to seeing all in person as soon as we can! :)

***April 27 2020***

Due to the lengthy period of distancing, Scene-Free will be hosting some virtual events.

We will be using Zoom ( https://zoom.us ).

As you may have heard, there's a lot of security concerns now when using these types of online platforms. As such, we will be taking the following steps to ensure safe and enjoyable video conferencing:

1) You will need to have a recognizable picture of yourself on your scene-free meetup profile. This picture will be checked against the video feed in the meeting. Please make sure your video is enabled before joining the meeting. You may have to adjust privacy settings on your machine to enable zoom and/or your browser to access your camera.

2) Please keep your RSVP updated!! Because we can only have one conversation at a time, group size has to be limited. We will try to compensate with multiple sessions rather than one big event.

3) Please keep your RSVP updated!! Just needed to say it again ;-) If your plans change, please let us know ASAP so we can fill your slot instead of having it go empty from a last-minute cancellation.

4) You will need to be on the confirmed RSVP list to attend. The RSVPs will typically end a few hours prior to the scheduled event. After the RSVPs close, you will be sent a link to the meeting. Please make sure your meetup profile settings enable you to receive messages from the organizers.

5) Try as we can to keep our conferences private and secured, this is the internet -- and everything lives forever on the internet. Please don't say anything or show yourself in a way you don't want to see or hear again, lol! ;-)

We'll see how things go and update procedures as needed.


Love to all and stay healthy! :)


We're here to explore social networking outside of the bars. All are welcome regardless of gender/orientation/etc. Our main purpose is to bring people together and have fun. Along the way, you may find cool places to go that you may not have tried otherwise. If you are looking to join the group, please read all the way down to the New Member Signups Note below before joining - tnx! :)

Recurring activities are the Sunday morning coffee meetups which you can see already posted, and there's also a dinner we do every 4th Saturday at 6:30pm which is currently being held at various places around Andersonville. That meetup typically gets posted about 5 days beforehand. Some upcoming dates for the dinner meetups are (will be posted when phase 5 reopening occurs).

Come on in! :-)

RSVP notes: Most events involve reservations/etc so please RSVP only if you are planning to come and if something changes, please update as soon as you know. For the bi-weekly coffee meetups, those are very informal and there's no reserved space, but if you are coming, please RSVP so we know who you are! Thanks! :)

NEW MEMBER SIGNUPS NOTE: due to ongoing problems with fake profiles on meetup.com, screening software has been deployed to auto-detect fakes. The easiest way to trigger this is not having your own picture on your profile (or if you have multiple, set it as primary). We know some folks need to be discrete -- if so, please contact Jeff prior to signing up to discuss options -- sorry for any inconvenience! Again, please make sure your picture is your primary photo for scene-free.

Also see additional information about the group which can be found here:


https://www.meetup.com/SceneFree/pages/3286... (https://www.meetup.com/SceneFree/pages/3286732/Adding_Events_-_you_know_you_want_to%21)

When you sign up, please include a picture of yourself so we'll be able to recognize you at events -- thanks!

Upcoming events (5)

Outside/6 foot+ Sunday coffee around the corner from Dollop

Dollop Coffee & Tea

Our bi-weekly Dollop Sunday coffee will continue with appropriate distancing per current official guidelines. There's an area down the block and around the corner from Dollop where we can gather while spaced apart. We will continue this format for Sunday coffee until guidelines allow us to return to our regular format. We will also continue with virtual coffees on alternating weeks, so feel free to join us there instead if this format doesn't work well for you. You can stop by Dollop and order drinks with the Ritual app first, or just bring your own if that's too much work. You will need a mask to enter Dollop to pick up your order. After you get coffee, come meet up on the school steps on Marine Drive between Bittersweet and Gordon Terrace. If it ends up raining, there's a large space under cover with benches and concrete planters as well. After getting your coffee, walk east on Gordon Terrace to the end (Marine Drive) and turn right and go another 400 feet or so. Hope to see you there! :)

Let's watch Coco at Navy Pier

600 E Grand Ave

Let's catch a free screening of Coco at Water Flicks at the Lake Stage in Polk Bros Park at Navy Pier. Showtime is 6:30 pm, so let's meet at 6 to get some good seats and grab bites nearby for a picnic. https://navypier.org/events-and-public-programs/listing/water-flicks-8-17-2020 Social-distancing measures and mask requirments will be in effect. Here's more informaton regarding Navy Pier safety measures: https://navypier.org/plan-your-visit/covid-19-information/ Coco has become a modern classic of animation and is the winner of two Academy Awards. Hope to see ya there.

Movie talk over dinner at Replay on the patio


Hi everyone. I thought it would be fun to give folks a chance to hang out in person with some movie chat over dinner. The street next to Replay Andersonville is blocked off and they are following strict guidelines to keep everyone safe. I'm keeping it to a small group over safety concerns. Replay has a fun atmosphere and features a great bar food menu and excellent drinks. The staff is ensuring that everyone follows mask rules for city restaurants. They don't take reservations, but the wait shoud not be that long for a table. Cheers.

Virtual Sunday Coffee

Needs a location

***please keep RSVP updated*** ***please have picture of yourself on your profile*** ***link will be sent to confirmed RSVP list shortly before start*** Until we can fully transition back to our regular Dollop coffees, we'll continue a combination of virtual coffees and outside physically distant coffees. We'll alternate weeks and this bi-weekly series will be the virtuals. We will be using the Zoom platform (https://zoom.us) for these. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, we do need to take some extra steps to keep the Zoom meeting secure. 1) Please have your own picture on your profile. We need to be able to match up the video feed with the member. 2) Please RSVP by 8AM the morning of the coffee. Link will be sent to the confirmed RSVP list shortly after that time. 3) Please keep your RSVP updated. Because we can only have one conversation at a time with the Zoom platform, we will have to limit it about 8-10 people. Please make sure you are subscribed to organizer messages to receive the link.

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Let's watch Coming Home, then have a chat

Needs a location

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