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We have Meetups like…
•Day Tour Nassau County North Shore Backroads
•Day Tour Lower Westchester or Connecticut Reservoirs and Lakes
•Day Tour Eastern New York Backroads
•Sunset Beach Ride & Dinner
•Long Distance Tour to Americade

This is a hub to Network and set up rides with other experienced motorcyclists with similar interest in sport touring. We are all about Great Scenic Roads and Good Times; safe riding is our first priority and we welcome experienced motorcycle riders both solo and with their passengers with any type of sport touring or touring motorcycle. Our intent is to meet and ride with other experienced motorcycle riders interested in enjoying scenic sport touring with other experienced motorcyclists in the area. We hope that each member will share the great routes they have found and that we will find and explore new routes together. Most rides are day rides of various lengths, but we will plan some overnight+ tours as well. Not a formal club with meetings, we meet to ride.
RIDER TYPE: Experienced riders interested in sport touring backroads both technical/twisty and scenic/cruising.
RIDE RANGES: From 50 miles round trip and up, average can be around 100+ miles round trip to get to the best roads.
RIDE DAYS: Any day is a possibility after work hours for unstructured rides, just text and see who’s available to ride. Structured rides are generally Fridays to take advantage of the limited daytime traffic, and Weekends. Rides start in the morning before the traffic starts and generally end in the late afternoon, with rest stops and breaks as appropriate.
BASIC REQUIREMENTS: You must have a valid motorcycle license, insurance and inspection sticker when riding in this group. I suggest “All-Gear-All-The-Time”, so please dress appropriately. You will also need an ezpass for many rides. We use Sena Bluetooth Systems for communication; if you don't have bluetooth, it's cool - we will decide on hand signals and meeting points before we start riding. We also use the GroupMe chat app to set up rides; it can be downloaded to your smartphone or used on a computer at groupme.com.
GROUP MEMBER REPRESENTATIONS: All motorcyclists joining this group, by participation in any group activity, are expressly representing that he/she has a valid motorcycle license, active motorcycle insurance and is riding a properly registered and inspected motorcycle; All motorcyclists joining this group, by participation, are expressly representing that he/she is an experienced motorcyclist and capable and experienced enough to ride their own motorcycle safely without assistance or instruction; All motorcyclists joining this group, by participation, are expressly representing that he/she is riding/participating in group activities solely by choice and ENTIRELY at their own risk and expressly agree to solely take full responsibility for their own safety and well being, in addition to the safety and well being of any passenger, and that both are wearing proper protective gear for riding; The Organizer makes no representations express or implied concerning any endeavor to review the validity of representations made by group members, each group member is solely responsible for validity of their representations.
DISCLAIMER and LIABILITY WAIVER: This “meetup” group solely consists of independent experienced motorcycle riders interested in enjoying sport touring with other experienced motorcyclist. All motorcyclists joining this group acknowledge that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous sport, and that participation in any group riding activity could be dangerous and could result in serious injury, medical emergency, or even death; In no event shall the Organizer be personally liable for any such liabilities, personal injuries, property damages, consequential, incidental, punitive or indirect damages arising out of any group members participation in any group related activity or event, and each participating group member, by such participation is expressly acknowledging and representing that any such liabilities occurring during a group activity, event or during personal travel to or from the activity or event, is solely the responsibility of the individual participant involved, and at no time shall the Organizer be held liable solely on the basis of being the group organizer.
If you can agree to all of the above, basically being responsible for your own actions, please join the group.

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