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Calling all expecting parents, new parents, and current parents! Are you from the Schaumburg area (or surrounding area) and looking to meet new parent friends? Well look no further! This is the group here for you!! (I know... super cheesy but I had to start somewhere lol)

Anyway, let's be real. It's tough being a parent, especially if you are the first of your friends to have a child or have friends that don't ever plan on having kids. I feel like this is a real issue and it's hard to meet others in the same situation. The problem is, you almost become isolated and don't really have a good way of meeting others. My wife and I can totally relate (obviously because I'm making this group). We would love to meetup with other parents in their 20's - 30's. Having other parent friends is ideal because you can relate on a lot of different levels.

Long story short, I haven't found a good way to meet other parents in the Schaumburg and surrounding area so I thought I would take a shot at creating one of these groups. Let's start a discussion in order to plan some meetup events.

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