What we're about

Hello Wizards! Welcome to School of AI Pune.

What is School of AI?

An international school dedicated to studying, teaching, and creating Artificial Intelligence to help solve the world’s most difficult problems.

Who is the Director?

Siraj Raval - He lives to serve all Wizards [the shared moniker of the community]. Inspiring, educating, and guiding them along their journey to help them maximize their positive impact in the world using AI technology.

Who are Deans?

Deans are guardians of our mission - “To offer a world-class AI education to anyone on Earth for free. Our doors are open to all those who wish to learn. We are a learning community that spans almost every country dedicated to teaching our students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology, whether that's through employment or entrepreneurship”

Our Core Values

1. Embrace the Weird (We celebrate radically new ways of thinking. The unusual excites us.)

2. Inspire and Educate (When we influence others, we make sure it inspires & educates them in some way).

3. Data Driven Optimism (We’re optimistic people that use data to verify our beliefs.)

4. Rapid Experimentation (We try to fail fast so we can improve the next iteration)

5. Be Frugal (We find clever ways to support ourselves and grow our community, grassroots style)

6. Choose Love, not Fear (We try our best to make all of our decisions based on love for ourselves and others)

7. Draw the Owl (We’re not always given instructions. So we take ownership and figure them out ourselves)

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/schoolofaipune

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/schoolofaipune/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/schoolofaipune/

We would love more wizards to contribute to our community by sharing their wisdom and expertise, even if it’s just a 5 minute lightning talk. Don’t worry if you are a first time speaker - the experienced speakers are in team and happy to coach you. Connect with us at soaipune@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meetup. Please respect that our community forums may not be used for advertisting. Please feel free to ping us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Understanding Data in Machine Learning (Class)

Globant India Pvt. Ltd.

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