Simultaneous Awareness - how to use your senses to bring peace into your life

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Learn how to become aware of everything around you at the same time, to bring the peace and energy of Nature into your daily life, on this half day workshop.

"The physical is the doorway to Awareness, Awareness is the doorway to Spirit." Stalking Wolf, Lipan Apache Shaman, and Scout

Simultaneous Awareness is a way to use your senses to become aware of everything that's happening around you at the same time.

To learn Simultaneous Awareness, you first become aware of your physical senses one by one, and then aware of them all at the same time.

Doing this enables you to become aware of subtler and subtler levels of information, eventually opening up an extra-sensory awareness.

Apache Scouts like Stalking Wolf had this extraordinary ability.

Developed by Ben Rayner after a serious skydiving accident, and then time spent alone in the wilderness, Simultaneous Awareness is based on Native ways of experiencing and relating to the world.

It includes easy-to-learn tools and techniques that will help you discover a profoundly different way of being.

Learning to use your sensory powers of perception in this way has immediate benefits:

It induces a meditative (alpha brainwave) state within one or two minutes.

This quickly brings you out of yourself, and fully into the present moment, helping you to form a greater connection with the world around you... making the natural world more alive and more vivid.

It opens your awareness of energy and energy fields, whilst giving you the option to remain unaffected by this if you choose.

We normally relate to everything around us through our minds and thoughts, and a process of mental labelling. This closes us off from directly experiencing the world.

Simultaneous Awareness helps to shut down the labeller, generating a direct experience of the ‘Spirit that moves through all things’, or a felt-awareness of the field of consciousness that underlies physical reality.

This way of being can have a great impact on your everyday life:

• It enhances your ability to pay attention, absorb and retain information,

• It gives you deeper access to your intuition,

• It helps you feel less pushed and pulled by the constant demands that modern life places on your attention.

Using a different way to process the input from your senses helps you to feel calmer in stressful situations, letting the surrounding chaos wash through you, and yet retain awareness of the layers of beauty you’re continually surrounded by... wherever you are.

One way into this is through how you move, as how you move affects how you think and feel, and how you think and feel affects how you move.

Natural movement is a component of Simultaneous Awareness.

Natural movement brings you fully into your body and the magic of the moment. It is how your body is designed to move, using muscles as shock absorbers, relieving stress on joints and mind. It drops you into a state of mind that allows you to flow within the landscape, or cityscape, with ease.

On this workshop, you will:

• Learn a series of simple steps to develop full simultaneous awareness

• Learn a series of natural movements

• Practice the techniques in natural surroundings

• Integrate those techniques in a way that will help you bring the peace and energy of Nature into your daily life.

This workshop is experiential, easy to grasp, and the techniques you’ll learn can be put into practice at any time, in any situation.

It is suitable for people of all levels of physical ability, and all levels of experience (or lack of experience) of meditative-type practices.

“I feel as though I’ve been given the keys to a forgotten magical kingdom”

Oliver Read, Gardener

Ben explains more about Simultaneous Awareness in this short video:

This is a hands-on, experiential, outdoors workshop, led by Ben Rayner. The cost is £25.99 and is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

RSVP essential as we need to know numbers, thanks.

Suitable for beginners and those with experience.

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Ben Rayner was a professional skydiver for 15 years, competing and coaching at international level. Recovering from a major spinal injury and learning to walk again in his mid-twenties, he returned to the air and travelled extensively, engaging with Buddhist meditation practices and retreats, Tibetan Buddhist practice, and Shaolin and Daoist energy arts.

He was a student of the Tom Brown Tracker school in New Jersey over a 2 year period and was trained by other spiritual teachers, including a Maori in New Zealand, an Inuit shaman, and a native American called Talking Bird, amongst others.

Having spent several solitary periods in wild places, the gifts and teaching received whilst alone with the earth form a great part of the experience he brings to bear in his courses.

Particularly interested in the common threads that run through all authentic Spiritual practices, and in grounding these teachings in a way that applies to every aspect of our daily lives, Ben’s thrust is to help us become more aware of our own potential, and reconnected to ourselves; the living world of nature; to Spirit, and to each other.

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