How to Skin a Rabbit - with respect and gratitude for the animal

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Stanmer Park

Brighton · Brighton

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Meet in Stanmer Park by 9.45am

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Learn how to safely and respectfully prepare, cook and eat a wild rabbit.

In a world where we buy most of our food from a supermarket, conveniently wrapped in plastic, many of us have stopped making a connection with what we are eating, and where it comes from.

So come and experience what's really involved in preparing meat, and make up your own mind about it!

(NB this workshop is primarily for people who eat meat, so may not be suitable for everyone.)

For our ancestors, finding and growing food was a full-time job that everyone took part in. Whether we were hunting for game, foraging for wild plants, or growing it for ourselves or others in our community, it was a huge part of what life was all about.

And we had a different relationship with animals and plants: we had more appreciation for the life that had been given, and we were inextricably linked in the balance of the land.

Many indigenous peoples still live like this, but in our modern society we're far removed from it, and in addition, we can’t always be sure what’s on our tables, where it comes from, or how it was grown or reared.

This wild food workshop is all about becoming a bit more conscious of what we're doing, by making the connection with an animal and the food that you eat.

Local primitive skills instructor Alex ‘Feathers’ Travers, will show you how to safely and respectfully prepare and cook a wild rabbit, that you can then eat, along with some wild salad that we’ll rustle up.

It’s a hands-on class, in which you will prepare a wild rabbit and learn about:

• being grateful for the animal's life

• the parts of a rabbit you can and can’t eat,

• how to spot if it’s healthy or not

• and what you can do with the skin.

All rabbits and necessary utensils provided. The rabbits are sourced from a local conservation gamekeeper.

The class is led by Alex ‘Feathers’ Travers.

The cost is £30.

"as a vegetarian of over 20 years, I think all meat-eaters should have a go." Bob

(Limited to a max of 15 places. RSVP essential as we need to know numbers, thanks.)

Suitable for adults and children age 16+

Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary.

Booking required.

About Feathers

Feathers has been passing on the skills of The Native Way for over ten years. His passions lie not only with the beautiful crafting of primitive skills needed for survival but also in the awareness of the teachings, and how the cultural elements of tribal life bring out the gifts in each individual.

Feathers has been involved with numerous primitive skills schools across the world, each of which teach a deep connection to the earth and a philosophy of living in balance with it. He is also a member of the Art of Mentoring UK team and has been part of spreading the teachings of this international organisation in many countries.