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Man and Ape - How Close to Us is Our Closest Relative?
In 1960 Jane Goodall set out to study the behavior of man's closest living relative in his native habitat. She earned the trust of a wild chimpanzee community, which enabled her to make stunning observations, among others, the making of simple tools and the hunting of smaller primates. In this seminar, we will watch and discuss a selection of clips from the documentary "Among the Wild Chimpanzees" ( We will also discuss the role of folk psychology in Goodall's observations (for those interested: As always, no prior knowledge is assumed. For the sake of meaningful discussion, the number of spots is limited, and to reserve them for the most curious people, a 5 Euro fee is charged. Alternatively, you can contribute with a prepared 5 minute presentation.

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    This group is for everyone curious about the history and philosophy of science and the principles of critical thinking in general. Our topics range from the discovery of vaccination over artificial intelligence to why people are divided over politics - no prior knowledge is assumed. To get you started, you can watch the videos "Why Science Works" ( and "Doubt" (

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