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Philosophical theatre meet-up: The Hard Problem
Tom Stoppard's new play, "The Hard Problem", is showing at the National Theatre, until 27th May. It is a rare occasion when the philosophical 'Hard Problem' of the mind and the brain enters mainstream culture. The first batch of tickets are almost all sold out (up till 16th April), but a new batch will come online at 8:30 am on 12th February. If you are interested in meeting up to see this play and talk about it afterwards, then take a look at the National Theatre web site (link above), check out the dates from 16th April to 27th May, and reply with a selection of five dates & times that would work for you. Then we will select a date that seems best and try to get tickets on 12th February!

Espresso Bar in the National Theatre

Southbank, SE1 9PX · London


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To explore the gap between the tradition of eastern nondualistic philosophy (eg Advaita Vedanta) and western scientific rationalism. Nondualism maintains that, despite appearances, everything is ultimately one (namely Brahman accoring to the Vedanta). This is inspired by the SAND (Science and NonDuality) conference, which started in San Francisco in 2009, and the first European SAND was held in Amsterdam in April 2012. This is for anyone who is interested in reconciling the seemingly incompatible worldviews that we get from modern science and ancient nondual mysticism. This is a non-dogmatic, non-doctrinal group, which embraces nondualism from any tradition - Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity.

Note: This Meetup group is inspired by, and seeks the same aims as, the great Science and NonDuality Conference (SAND) conference,, but has no official connection with SAND. Any views expressed here are those of the organiser of this Meetup group, and not necessarily those of SAND.

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