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UW: Linguistic illusions: Where You See Them, Where You Don't

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"Visual illusions have played an important role in our understanding of how our brains perceive the world. Our visual system is remarkably sophisticated in many ways, but system also can be "fooled" into seeing the world differently from the way that it really is. The same is true of the brain's ability to understand language: the neurocognitive mechanisms that control human language are extremely rich, but the language system can also be fooled. We notice some speech errors easily, but are blind to others. We sometimes interpret people to be saying something quite different from what they are actually communicating. Phillips will show that we can learn a lot about how the system works by investigating the profile of successes and failures. In particular, we learn about the importance of different types of memory mechanisms for understanding and misunderstanding language."

This is a public lecture presented by University of Washington:

Note: It's not clear whether this lecture happened already. The above link says 2012 but it is listed as 2013 on this page: I will update when I find out.