Blockchain For Science - Hack'n'Sh­are Weekend - Kickoff meetup


"Openess, money and power: Combining provable openness with science funding by means of blockchain " - maybe that is the path to really change the system?

A great mixture of talks. Jon will give an update on what is open science, where we are in respect to knowledge sharing and what hinders us to proceed. Lisa is providing a proposal for a solution by means of blockchain Mehdi will show how blockchain can increase the trustworthyness of clinical studies. Then we should all be very excited to be part of the dawning of the cryptoeconomy in science - the first ICO of a research project (which utilizes the blockchain to convince the public that their research project works as advertised).

Shakibs presentation had to be postponed to Saturday.


Jon Tennant, PhD (@Protohedgehog ( on the current status of Open Science.

Lisa Matthias (@l_matthia (, Aletheia ( - "Utilizing Technology and Community Engagement for Open Knowledge Sharing"

Dr Medhi Benchoufi, Université Paris Descartes, on using blockchain for clinical studies (

Magomed Chatuev from ARNA Genomics ( Worlds first ICO for a research project. How we gonna change biotech market using trusted research results by means of blockchain.

This is the public kick-off meetup for the hack'n'share weekend. (

Please find the information for the weekend here ( and the Eventbrite registration here (

Looking forward to the talks and the discussions!