What we're about

Experience the Art of True Light with a complimentary Light session with one of our member volunteers. Find lasting Happiness, Health, Harmony & Prosperity and learn more about Universal Principles that, when followed, allows us to experience miracles and prosper. When we purify our spirit (soul) with True Light, the mind and body naturally follow. Through this practice it’s possible to gradually become free of disease, have restored health and overcome other difficulties. We are a non-profit, worldwide organization that teaches people to be happier, healthier and overcome problems through spiritual purification. Our main practice is giving and receiving True Light. Those wanting to deepen their spiritual relationship with the Divine and make the world a better place are welcome. There is a cumulative effect to receiving Light and we encourage regular sessions for the most benefit (50 minutes max per day). Contact organizer anytime for more information or to schedule a time to receive Light or discuss further. Donations in any amount to the organization are graciously accepted but not required.

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