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Gong and Sound and energy work are the primary classes here at the Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary. We also have Movie Nights, Yoga, and metaphysical classes, energy work, and cooking classes.

Slip away into the Sound Sanctuary in the heart of Scottsdale. A retreat space offering up different healing modalities from Vibrational and Sound Bath therapies to Yoga & Meditation, Ayurvedic cooking classes, Reiki, massage therapy, vibrational hydrotherapy, acupuncture and much more.

The property is located off Cactus Road & the 101 (8535 East Cactus Road, Scottsdale, AZ)
The Sound Studio is a brand new 1600 sq ft space that has two full bathrooms with showers. The retractable doors make for an indoor/outdoor experience during our mild desert days. Leading out onto a 3,000 sq ft lawn. Take your shoes off, ground into the earth after class or host picnics or gatherings like book clubs or weekend workshops. On the south end of the lawn there is a heated saltwater vibrational therapy pool with built in speakers to take your sound therapy experience to the next level.

The main house was also built with quality materials and thoughtful layout boasting 4 bedrooms with private baths and a state-of-the-art kitchen with an adjoining great room offers a beautiful space to gather for cooking classes or retreats.

This is a place for people to come to heal their bodies and be given the tools to live a better quality life. To feel connected to a community and like minded individuals who want to share and co-create life together.

The GONG Creates sounds with specific rhythmic patterns to create vibrational sound harmonics at a specific frequency.

• This sound impacts the sympathetic nervous system as brain waves synchronise to the vibrations of the gongs.

• Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress,relieve pain.

• Aids depression, anxiety and stimulates rest.

• Evidence that it helps with Chronic pain, boosts memory (early stages Alzheimer's), addresses blood pressure problems, boosts immune system.

• It is also noted as being capable of altering consciousness and creating a deep feel of peace, well-being and better health.

Check out w (http://www.Gongster.com)ww.ScottsdaleSoundSanctuary.com for more information ♥


“To hear the infinite sounds created by the gong and to feel its vibrations on and inside your body is an experience that reaches into the depths of your psyche. Mystics of old said, the Sacred Gong was the incarnated embodiment of a high creative intelligence and its vibrations imparted the “Universal Life Force” to the listener. The sound is beyond music, with current applications in sound healing therapy, spiritual quickening, yoga and meditation. The force of energy from the full spectrum of sound resonates chakras and meridians. The vibration is felt in all atoms of every cell, bone and organ of the body. The secret of the gong is its great potential for healing and rejuvenation. The musical “touch” creates a sense of wellbeing, a sense of ecstasy. It is positively uplifting: mentally, physically, and spiritually.
In Feng Shui the gong is known to clear energy blocks that prevent the ch’i (Life Energy) from moving freely in the home, to call forth Spirit, to clarify and focus the mind, to ask for guidance and to offer praise and thanks.
The sound is beyond words: rolling waves of sound, all the Sounds of Creation, the glorious roar of the Universe. As a meditation instrument, it can bring listeners to altered states of consciousness, opening them to healing and connecting them with more expansive states of reality.”



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Monday 7p Gongster Meditation

Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary

Sunday 2p Gongster Meditation

Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary

Monday 7p Gongster Meditation

Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary

Sunday 2p Gongster Meditation

Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary

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