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HI there, I created this group specifically for those that are native Italian speakers and non native speakers and want to connect by speaking Italian while eating great Italian food. I miss the big family dinners I have in Italy, we often sing and dance and I want to recreate this experience here. So if you can speak Italian and have a guitar or are a singer, plus + plus.

Everybody from elderly to kids are welcome who are native Italian or at a beginners level . I have a 12 year old son and he will be participating on some level. Any American Italian kids like myself are welcome.

This group will be focusing on practicing Italian and making Italian food. I just came back from Italy with my son and my Italian needs a lot of work. I love the meetup that happens in Mesa but I often work on Saturdays and miss it. I love how that group changes seats in order to meet and learn from other members. We will do that in this group too but don't be stressed, I have done this after some wine and its amazing how much more Italian you speak when there is less anxiety. ;)

I plan on having the meet-ups on Fridays from 6:30 to 9:30 one to two times a month and another meetup one Sunday a month from 4 to 7. Suggestions on venues are welcome, only Italian owned restaurants. I do plan on hosting a lot of the events at my house, if other members would like to assist/host, let me know.

**Assistance from members will be appreciated.

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Colazione da Panera

Panera Bread

Pranzo da Pane Bianco - Lunch at Pane Bianco

Pane Bianco

Colazione da Panera

Panera Bread

Pizza pizza pizza .... da Pomo!!!!!!

Pomo Pizzeria at Shoppes at Gainey Village

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