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I created this group to bring together Jeepers in the Scottsdale area but anyone is welcome of course. The goal is to get a group together who actually hits the trails on a regular basis. My wife and I try and get out on the trail every weekend if we can with Sunday's being the day we find ourselves out most often but we do Saturdays when we can. We find ourselves on our own more often than not so the hope is some folks will join us.

After some consideration this group is for Jeep Wrangler owners only and the reason being that I am not familiar with other makes/models enough to safely say if a trail is a good fit for another type of vehicle. If I am going to be leading folks I think I should stick with what know. Thank you for understanding.

We are fairly new to off-roading(about a year and a half at the time of creating this group) but it has quickly become a major part of our lives and we love to share our passion for wheeling with others, introduce people new to wheeling to AZ trails, and learn from more experienced drivers.

We like a wide variety of trails but some of our favorites, in Arizona, that we run frequently are: Sedona Loop- Diamond Back Gulch to Broken Arrow, Hackberry Creek, Sunflower Mine, Back Road to Crown King to name a few. We also make frequent trips to Sand Hollow, Utah and Moab.

We will keep the runs small, no more than 10 rigs. One of our biggest issues with group runs is how quickly a 3hr trail can turn into a 6-7 hour trail do to dealing with a large group. We have run the trails we frequent alone many times so we know how long the trail can be with no issues and not stopping every 10min. While we certainly enjoy taking our time and safety is #1 we don't like to spend a lot of time stopped on the trail drinkin' beers and pointing at rocks. We keep stops to a minimum and generally take a break to eat about half way on the trail. I personally see no place for alcohol on the trail for drivers or passengers, it only slows things down. A passenger downing beers that needs to stop to pee every 10min can slow a group down just as much as a driver drinking making mistakes. We are all adults(hopefully) and I certainly am not going to tell folks what to do but know going in we're not trail drinkers and the pace of the run will reflect that. In general we are shooting for runs to be 6-7 hours door to door with most trails being an hour to the trail and an hour back that means we look to spend 4-5hrs on average on the trail when running with a group of capable drivers with well equipt vehicles in good working order.

Lastly, this is not a "Club" just a place for folks looking to get out on the trails in a safe manner with other people that live in the area. I expect everyone who chooses to come out on a run to have basic knowledge of how to operate their rigs, be prepared for emergencies, and have your vehicle in good working order before deciding to take in on the trail. Breakdowns on the trail happen, of course, but a little preventative maintenance goes a long way!

Upcoming events (2)

Easter Jeep Safari


We will be in Moab for EJS Wed-Sun if anyone is going and would like to connect.

Trail Hero

Sand Hollow State Park

This is a great event. We will be out there Thurs-Sun if anyone wants to connect. While EJS is sold out you can still get in on some trails for Trail Hero. It is still a ways out but it will sell out. If you have not been to Sand Hollow it is a must! You can register here: https://www.thetrailhero.com

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Hackberry Creek Loop

Circle K

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