What we're about

The Scouting Alumni Meetup is about reconnecting & reinvigorating former Scouts of any kind, getting together and having some Scouting-inspired fun regardless of age, and giving back to our communities in the process. You might think of it like "Scouting For Adults."

Even though we've outgrown our youth uniforms, we haven't forgotten our Scouting roots, and we still want to be the best we can be & achieve as adults in many ways:

* We still want to be adventurous, get outdoors and have exciting, new experiences
* We still want to surround ourselves with fun people and make some new friends
* We still want to keep learning & master new skills (and revisit old skills that have become rusty), and
* We still want to serve our communities with what we can offer.

Wanna "Live Like A Scout" again? Join us for the journey!!

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"Getting to Know You" Meetup #2

Chickie's & Pete's

Grab your "Hello, My Name is _____" Sticker & Let's Do This!

Iron Hill Wilmington Waterfront

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