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PLEASE NOTE: If you have requested to join our group, you will be contacted through Meetup Messages. Please be sure to check your messages regularly. We strive to respond to membership requests within 48 hours. If you do not respond to our initial welcome Meetup message within two weeks, your membership will be declined. You can always request to re-join us whenever you are ready! This helps to keep our records current and helps us focus on reaching out to members truly interested in joining our active group of moms! You can always email us any time at if you have been trying to respond to us via meetup and have been unsuccessful. :)

Welcome to the Scranton Moms of Munchkins (MOMS) meetup website! If you are looking to make friends for you and your child, you're at the right place!! We are an active, in-person meetup group of over 125 Moms, and we are eager to meet you!

This group is mainly geared for Moms with kids newborn through age 5, and most of our events are held during the week. Whether you work part time or not at all, all Moms are welcome!

We hold lots of activities throughout the month and there are playgroups for all ages. We also offer Moms Night Outs/Ins, movie nights, and family fun dates. Meet other moms for friendship, advice, laughs, and most of all, support.

We would have to have you join us! What are you waiting for? Click the "join us" button to get started!

If you need further information or assistance, please contact Scranton MOMS president, Melissa, at


Who can join Scranton Area Moms of Munchkins? We welcome any mother who has the time and desire to attend an active playgroup. The group is geared for SAHM, WAHM and PT working moms with kids ages 5 and under. Currently the group is comprised of primarily infants, toddlers and preschoolers and the majority of activities take place during school hours. Currently, we do not accept fathers or caregivers to the group as the primary member. We are for moms of little ones ONLY! We do have family events periodically where family members are invited to attend. At this time, Dads, Nannys, Grandparents, etc. can not bring little ones to play dates in place of moms and are not to attend events unless the event is designated a "family event". The group was formed to allow moms an opportunity to develop a support network while providing social interaction for their child(ren).

How old are the children in your group? Typically, the littles in our group range from newborn through 5 years old. We do not require you to leave the group when your children are older; however it usually becomes harder for moms to attend meetups when their kids are busy in school and school-related events! Some of our events are understandably geared to a certain age group (infant playgroup, early walker playdates, etc). The event description on our calendar will designate if their is an intended audience or age range for that specific event.

How do I join you group? When you request to join our group, please make sure that you have a complete meetup profile, following the instructions provided to you. We require a clear picture of you in the profile, your first and last name, and the names of your little ones/ages. This helps us to identify you at meetups and also ensures the safety of our members and their little ones, so that we know who we are meeting! After you request to join us on meetup, we will contact you via MEETUP MESSAGES. This is a function within meetup. A notification may come to your email, but please check you spam folder. You will then be directed to email us to exchange information and review our policies. After that, we arrange to meet you and your little one(s) at a playdate at a public place. If you wish to join our group, we will then approve you on Meetup and you will have full access to the group website to RSVP for events!You will have a 14-day free trial to try out the group. At the end of your free trial, you will need to pay the annual dues to remain in the group.

Is there a fee to join this group? Membership Dues are $25 a year flat fee, which includes a mom and her children. Dues are renewable every year on your original joining date. Some outings require a fee for attendance, in order to purchase a ticket, food, etc. for yourself and your child. Any events involving a fee for attendance will have the amount clearly listed on the event calendar.

What types of events does your group schedule?
The group schedules playgroups at local parks and member’s homes, craft days, holiday parties, mom’s nights in/out, family play dates, and more. Organizers are always looking for new ideas and suggestions for future events so feel free to make suggestions!

Where/when do the events take place? The group meets in Scranton and surrounding areas, typically within a 10/15 mile radius of Scranton. Please be aware of this if you live outside of the greater Scranton area. The organizers try to vary the locations, and choose centrally located venues, to allow for greater attendance. The majority of our events occur during the week. We do try and offer a variety of times (both morning and afternoon) to allow for greater flexibility for working moms and those with school age children. Moms nights in/moms nights out typically begin after 7pm.

What if I want to host an event at my home?
Fantastic!! We're happy to have playgroups, home parties, and mom’s nights at member's homes! Please contact an organizer to set up an event on our calendar.

What is the group’s attendance policy? We want members who are excited about meeting others, who are active in the group and who want to attend various events. Great consideration is taken to schedule events on varying days of the week at varying times of the day to accommodate many different schedules. It is recommended that members attend at least one event every month. Continued attendance is important because we are looking for members who are interested in being active participants in the group. We understand that everyone's lives are busy and needs are different.

In addition to actively attending events, you are encouraged to visit the website and our Facebook group often. Although we are aware that not all members have time or may not be interested in doing so, you are also encouraged to participate in the message boards and polls. These are great ways to get to know the other members and to keep informed about group events.

What do I do to confirm attendance at an event?
After you have been approved, you will have access to our full calendar of events. In order to confirm attendance at an event, you can RSVP “YES” under the specific event you would like to attend. The RSVP includes yourself and one child; please RSVP +1 if you have two children, +3 if you have two, etc.). Please feel free to attend as many events as you’d like, but be sure to only RSVP “YES” for events if you are committed to attending. If you aren’t able to attend the event you must change your RSVP to “NO” within 24 hours of the event time We understand that with children and families, things come up, but in order for the group to be successful we need committed participants. If you must change your RSVP close to the event, you may post on the event page on meetup to let the hosts know you are unable to attend.

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