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ScratchEd Meetups are peer-designed professional learning experiences inspired by the unconference model. This means that at any given event, you decide what your learning looks like! At a Meetup, you can share, create, and learn with other educators who are also passionate about teaching with Scratch in the classroom. Anyone who is interested in connecting with fellow educators and learning more about using Scratch in educational settings is welcome to participate.

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Chicago Scratch Educator Meetup - May 2019


Join us for a Scratch Educator Meetup on May 7th at Beermiscuous! The meetup is free and includes a yummy dinner! What's a Scratch Educator Meetup? Scratch: a free tool for exploring computational creativity by programming interactive media (like stories, games, animations, and simulations) and sharing those creations with others online, used by millions of people all around the world. What will we be doing at the meetup? If you're new to the meetup format, here's what they are and how they work. Meetups are informal gatherings for educators who work with (or are interested in working with) Scratch. The meetups are organized into three parts: 1. We start with networking over light refreshments, getting to know fellow attendees and sharing what people want to explore during the meetup. 2. We collaboratively decide how to structure our learning and then form small groups based on our different interests. Maybe you want to have a discussion about classroom strategies or get more practice with Scratch—or something else entirely. Feel free to move between groups if the session that you're in isn't working for you. 3. We gather as a whole group for lunch and group sharing. You might pose a question to discuss with the group, or share something from your classroom. This is a great time to inspire and be inspired. What should I bring? Curiosity. And a laptop that supports Flash will be helpful for the hands-on activities. If you're new to Scratch, you can check it out at http://scratch.mit.edu In addition to the traditional ScratchEd Meetup format, we will have two certified MaKeyMaKey trainers on hand to introduce you to the playful world of physical computing! We look forward to meeting up with you at Beermiscuous on the 7th!

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