Past Meetup

Authentic Spanish Cuisine


I really enjoyed the food I had in Spain and Portugal, so I bought a Spanish cuisine cookbook while I was there. I thought it would be fun to cook from the cookbook.

So once you sign up for a course, I will assign you the dish to make. If I get my act together, I will also be listing what the dish names would be in the menu below.

If you really don't want to make that dish, we can find another one in the cookbook. Or if you prefer, you can determine your own dish. My caveat is that I will still want it to be authentic Spanish cuisine (but not the old standbys that folks are always doing - so no paella, no sangria . . . )

Please bring a bottle of wine that complements the meal. Any unopened bottles are gifts to host for hosting.

I do have 3 evil puppies (small) that like to liven things up. I will tell them to be on their best party behavior.


Sherry Tasting (Theresa) and
Agua de Valencia (cocktail w/ fresh oj, cava, gin and vodka)-Theresa

Various Spanish Meats and Cheeses - Theresa

Spanish Asparagus Salad with Orange and Manchego Cheese -

White Garlic Soup with Grapes – Georgette

Fish Course
Fried Cod in Wine Marinade - Theresa

Drunken Cakes – Amy & Eric
And hot chocolate or sherry wine or other wine for anybody who wants to go
walking around looking at Xmas lights

When you RSVP, please post what you course you are interested in.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!