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Unlock your creative genius and see the world not as a Crayon scribble but as a Salvador Dali art piece - SKEWED! Improv comedy is truth presented through a skewed viewpoint. That's truth with irony!

Screaming Armadillo Comedy drop-in IMPROV WORKSHOP is a workshop where you will laugh, acquire improvisational skills (spontaneous thinking) and become a more humorous person. The workshops are entertaining, challenging, but always warm, friendly, and full of laughter. We have been meeting every week for the past few years so everyone attending gets ample opportunities to participate. Admission Fee is only $15 each workshop. Minimum age to participate is 16 years. Just show up! ALL LEVELS welcome!

There are many benefits to improv. Wanna look at the world as a kid again?! Wanna be more creative in brainstorming sessions at work? Wanna be a better public speaker? Maybe make decisions quicker? Are you an actor cause 80% of commercials require improv?! Improv is helpful if you're in sales and marketing as well or perhaps you just want to get to know yourself better or relieve stress after a long day at work...

The workshops at SCREAMING ARMADILLO COMEDY are designed for enjoyment as well as to learn the craft of improv. Are you looking for an opportunity to perform improv comedy on stage in front of a live audience? You will learn how to develop improv skills as well as amp your creative genius skills -- and more by regularly attending evening workshops with other Screaming Armadillo members. We feature clean humor with a little bit of spice!

"THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!! It just has to be made up (and written down) -Greg Philippi Director

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