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Seven Sundays, 3 to 5 p. m., October 6 to November 17, 2019

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At our Meetups, Members focus on the art and craft in a short story, chosen in advance from the anthology THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES, 2019.

As a common reference for our discussions, we use John Truby's excellent coaching book, THE ANATOMY OF STORY. Please read the organizer's detailed book-review on amazon. (His book-review has received the highest number of positive votes, 388 to date, of the several hundred reviews of the book on amazon.)


At each meetup, we'll discuss a specified short story from the anthology, and from Truby's book specified pages of expository text as well as the example film. Films such as Tootsie, The Godfather, Casablanca, A Streetcar Named Desire, Pride and Prejudice, It’s a Wonderful Life. All films we'll analyze are available on Netflix (also on DVD -- my preference). Members attending are expected to have read the specified texts and watched the film before the meetup.

Please note that attendance at our Meetups is limited to the first EIGHT Members who RSVP to the meeting. (No non-member drop-ins admitted.)


* The 6 October Meetup: the organizer's outline:

1. The Best American Short Stories 2019 book: Before the meetup, please read the organizer's brief review on amazon.com; Heidi Pitlor's brief Foreword; and Anthony Doerr's brief Introduction in the book. (The book is now available at Mrs Dalloway's Bookstore near the College/Russell corner in Berkeley.) The organizer will answer questions on these three items.

2. Please read the 13-page short-story "Seeing Ershadi" by Nicole Krauss, included the anthology. The story is woven around the film "Taste of Cherry" by the acclaimed Iranian film-director Abbas Kiarostami. The organizer will moderate the Members' discussions of the short-story.

3. Before attending the meetup, please watch on YouTube:

(a) Libbie Hawker introducing her book "Take Off Your Pants: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better, Writing." Read the organizer's review of this book on amazon.com;

(b) John Truby introducing his book "The Anatomy of Story."

At the meetup, the Organizer will moderate Members' discussions on the two YouTube book-introductions and present brief overviews of the two books.

4. Before attending the meetup, please watch the film TOOTSIE and read Truby's brief analysis on page 38 of his book. The organizer will moderate members' discussionsM

5. Time permitting, the organizer will present a couple of his publiished humorous flash-fictions in the well-known literary magazine Zyzzyva, and respond to questions on writing flash-fiction.

ALL local as well as the online-only Members are welcome to post comments/questions at the seven ONLINE Discussions on our Meetup.

Regular Members will be invited to read their Work-in-Progress for comments by meetup Members.---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The organizer, C. J. Singh, received an MFA in Creative Writing;

and, earlier earned a Ph.D. in Psychology at Stanford University.
Published stories in ZYZZYVA, The Berkeley Fiction Review,
and Ishmael Reed’s Konch magazine.
Drafting a novel and its screenplay.

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