The Game Without a Name

Scrum User Group Johannesburg - SUGSA
Scrum User Group Johannesburg - SUGSA
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IQ Business Park

3rd Avenue Rivonia · Johannesburg

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Q3, Ground Floor - Learn & Share (IQbusiness is on the Gautrain bus route)

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Traditionally we have always measured the success of a project based on cost, time and scope but we often miss value delivered and the cost of delay.
The “Game without a Name” was designed to be a quick and effective guide connecting very important topics in being agile: faster feedback with less cost to the organization.

This is a fun game with poker chips and a dice that illustrates the impact on cost of delay when we do not limit work in progress and allow batching and multitasking to happen within our organizations and teams.

Come see for yourself how the game works don’t just sit at home when you can join us and enjoy a great learning experience.

Learn what the following acronym (LLLLMM) can do for your organisation
• Limit multitasking
• Limit batch sizes
• Limit work in progress
• Limit cost of delay
• Maximise Feedback
• Maximise Value
Sounds more profound when you use an acronym.

Our speaker is Berto is Coetsee from Spry Agility:
Please allow me to cut to third person bio speak. I am Berto from the Free State, I love to add value to organizations and teams and try my best to help them see that agile is not a team thing.
I want to add value cause it’s a calling not a job, I have been practicing for a long time.
My tribe is Spry not Spotify we are a great team, we have fun.
I am not a badge collector but society loves badges and to fit into society I am an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT).