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Scrum Chicago - an independent user group about to reboot in Spring 2018!

You've probably noticed many, many agile-related Meetups in the Chicago area, so we will have a specific and hopefully unique vision for the group going forward. As indicated by the name, we'll focus specifically on the Scrum framework, aiming to provide info. for practitioners, experts, and the curious.

For example, we wouldn't be looking for general presentations on DevOps (a *great* agile-related topic), but specific presentations about Scrum with DevOps (what does DevOps mean for Scrum's cross-functional teams, how do Sprint Reviews change when you're releasing to production every day, etc.).

Let us know what you think of this vision, and if you have any particular Scrum-related subjects you'd like to see covered! We're looking forward to the Spring!

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Special Guest Presenter: Kelly Fidei

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Roundtable: Getting to Real Velocity

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Customizing Agile and Scrum for your business

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