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Come and share your Scrum (Development Team, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Stakeholders) experiences!

Speaking slots are open (English and German)! Speaker request form: Click here (https://forms.gle/j5ZVsVgDaEnjyAJy9)

1 Agile Game (German or English) 10 to 15 minutes

1-2 prepared (One in German and One in English) 15 minute speeches with 10 minute discussions.

NOTE: Speeches will be practiced two times before the final presentation.

1-2 impromptu (Two in German and Two in English) 6 minute debates with 4 minute discussions.

Scrum Speakers features on YouTube: Click here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCykbZ2l5aSKpvmaK0UvpgiA)

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Scrum Speakers @ Online

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