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Anyone interested in learning and sharing their experiences in scrum. Aspiring Scrummaster, Product Owners and Team Members.

Our goal is to provide a place for Scrum Practitioners to learn, grow, and flourish in applying Scrum in the world of work. Whether you’re in IT, Marketing, Sales, etc., Scrum is a framework that can be used to deliver just about any kind of complex work. We’re a relaxed bunch and strive to create an environment of safety where you can bring your real-world struggles and questions and collaborate with other like-minded Scrum Practitioners who are genuinely interested in helping each other succeed with Scrum.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, need a sounding board, or just need some advice. If you’d like to volunteer, help coordinate, present at an upcoming event, etc., please let us know

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Team Games

Dogpatch Labs

6:00 pm kick off 6:10 Create and introduce teams 6:20 Explanation of Team Activities (Game to deliver as much value as possible given constraints) 6:30 Games Begin (3 rounds with retrospectives) 7:15 End Games (you can burst the balloons) 7:30 Management 3.0 Activity to review team participation roles 7:45 After Party We will experiment with agile games. We will run the XP game to build some team output and do a little reflection using management 3.0 Great way to build great valuable product while under pressure.

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Practical Agile Facilitation

WeWork Iveagh Court

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