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Scripps Canyon Shore Dive & Beach Cleanup!

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Come celebrate our friendship with Scripps and UCSD and join in on the best shore diving in San Diego!

You must have advanced skills/ability/experience. Due to the complex logistics involved, this is an absolute NO-FLAKE event. Do not sign up unless you are 100% sure you will attend.

You may only perform dives you are certified/trained for. In other words, no ultra-deep dives or deco obligations unless you have the card (and equipment). Violators may be removed from the group at the president's discretion.

If you are or trained and certified please state the same in your RSVP comment.

We're grateful to be granted access to the USCD roadway and parking lot to Scripps Canyon. There really is no other way to comfortably get to this amazing dive site (save by boat). We promise to leave the area cleaner than we found it. This event is partly a beach & underwater cleanup. Your help is appreciated.

Scripps Canyon has been called "La Jolla Canyon on steroids"... and with good reason. Sheer vertical walls (starting at 80 feet), amazing sea life... and did I mention the walls? Pay attention to the animals you see here and formulate your baseline. In the coming months (and years) we'll be asking you for your commentary on the populations you encounter.

There's no bottom to speak of so your buoyancy skills must be top notch.

The 411: It's a deep-ish dive (90 to 130ft). Although an AL 80 filled with air is ok, you'll probably want to bring a larger tank, filled with weakish (28% or 30% is good]) Nitrox... if you're certed for the big "N", of course. We have very limited emergency response facilities available here so please do not push the envelope. (We'll have an O2 & First Aid Kit on-site.)

2-TANK DAY: We'll do two tanks here (if conditions permit). There is no leaving once we're there. The remoteness and vehicle logistics don't allow for people leaving after the first dive. If this doesn't agree with you please attend another of our events. (Evacuate your bowels really good prior to arriving too. No bathrooms there.)

GEAR: Unlike a boat trip, you cannot bring a box. Gear should be assembled as much as possible prior to loading at the staging area. Drybags and ground tarps are a good idea.

BAR B Q: Because of the unpredictable weather this time of year, we will not be having a BBQ. Bring your own food and drinks (water).

DEPARTURE FROM STAGING AREA: We leave the staging area at 8:00 am sharp. Start putting your gear on one of the three "sand vehicles" as soon as you get there.

RETURN: We'll return to the USCD parking lot (staging area) at approximately 3:30- 4:00 pm.

WE NEED SIX SUVs OR PICKUP TRUCKS to cart people and gear from the staging point. Please volunteer your vehicle if you have one. (At least three with 4WD is key. We'll be taking those directly onto the beach loaded with our gear.) Vans to transport people on the pavement are also needed.

Pete Salvato (4WD Truck)

Clint Anderson (4WD Truck)

Sean Shahrokhi (4WD Truck)

Marcus Jones (Callie's +1) (passenger vehicle/van)

Ryann's +1 (passenger vehicle/van)

Julia (passenger vehicle/van)

We'll have oil mats/trays to place under the oil pan of each vehicle going onto the beach.

TARPS: Bring some tarps to lay on the sand so your gear doesn't get sandy.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: 1) There will be some walking with gear on. Distances similar to the Shores. 2)Surf height may be medium or higher, so you must be comfortable with this kind of entry.

UCSD REQUIREMENTS: In order to be granted access to this site you agree that 1)No commercial photography (or other activities) shall be undertaken 2)Photos taken will be freely shared with UCSD and their Reserve staff for possible inclusion on their web site 3)You will pick up garbage on the ground and underwater (whether you put it there or not) 4)You will be quiet and respectful 5)You will submit a signed SCR Waiver. If you don't agree to all of these rules you may not attend this event.

SCR WAIVER: Go to our More--> Files section, 2nd page ( ) and download SCR_Waiver. Fill it out and email to me at: [masked] . Put "SCR Waiver" in the subject line. MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 4 DAYS BEFORE EVENT! You will not be granted access unless you submit a filled-out Waiver.

STAGING POINT: In order to be respectful to the residents on La Jolla Farms Road we will park our vehicles in the P207 Parking Lot at UCSD. This is free to park at on the weekend (and UCSD holidays), is away from any residential zones, and should have plenty of space at 7:30am in the morning. To locate the parking lot take Torrey Pines Road, turn into UCSD on Muir College Lane (across from Black Horse Farms). Enter the second parking lot on the right (P207) and go to the far (South) side. We will load ourselves in our SUVs or pickup trucks. (Only six vehicles allowed down the access road.) Load only that gear you will need into the three "sand" staging vehicles (the trucks actually going onto the beach). No big bags or boxes.

Staging Point: Click here for the map (

Get ready for a unique treat!

***This a no hunting, no take event. Scripps Canyon is a preserve.***


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Anyone with a medical condition possibly counter-indicitive to diving must have a doctors signature on a diving waiver form and submit signed form to Bill Powers (or an organizer) before they may attend any Power Scuba event. YOU MAY NOT ATTEND AN EVENT WITH AN UNDISCLOSED MEDICAL CONDITION. Doing so is grounds for expulsion from the group. Here is our medical statement: Medical Statement ( Therein you'll find a Doctor Waiver form as well.

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Important Note: It is not the organizer's role to lead your dive (or to wait for you after you come out of the water). He/she merely facilitates you getting to the pre-dive meeting location. The Organizer will not assign you a buddy nor will he/she be leading the dive as a "group dive". Visibility and liability do not allow for that. Nor will the Organizer tell you whether you are skilled enough to make any particular dive. That is for you (only) to decide. When you enter the water, you (and your buddy) are on your own. You must plan and execute your dive with your dive buddy only. Once members arrive at the meeting spot, the Organizer becomes simply another diver.

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