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Come Boldly Explore the Underwater Universe at La Jolla Shores!

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To all Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers, come join Power Scuba as we join our brother group, the Roddenberry Dive Team, for a morning of adventure! We'll dive La Jolla Shore's Underwater Ecological Preserve. Generally, as scuba divers, we never need an excuse to go diving but in this particular case the RDT has rallies their resources to provide their friends and members an unforgettable dive opportunity.

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Donuts & Coffee:
For the early birds; a few of us will be arriving at La Jolla Shores (,-117.254741&sspn=0.0115,0.014784&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=San+Diego,+California&ll=32.856996,-117.256887&spn=0.00575,0.007392&t=h&z=17) (next to “Kellog Park (,-117.254741&sspn=0.0115,0.014784&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=San+Diego,+California&ll=32.856996,-117.256887&spn=0.00575,0.007392&t=h&z=17)”) around 6:30am to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean as the sun pours onto the Pacific. Coffee, juice, yogurt, donuts and muffins will be available. We plan on gathering at one of the beach-side fire-pits for a bit of warmth and camaraderie. (If you have extras chairs and are willing to bring them, please do so for our out of town guests).

Diving & Discovery:
Divers will begin suiting up around 7:30 am for our adventure to the La Jolla Underwater Canyon. Once geared-up and ready, we’ll do a surface-swim out about 100 yards to where the depth is approximately 40+ feet. After a final buddy/gear check, we’ll descend to bottom where we’ll continue west to a maximum depth of 100’. From there, each buddy team, while monitoring their depth, time and air, will explore this magnificent underwater realm and gradually work their way east back to the shore.

Trashy Diver Underwater & Beach Cleanup::
We encourage you to be a "Trashy Diver" and join us for an underwater cleanup and a beach cleanup to keep our ocean healthy and safe.

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Important Note: It is not the organizer's role to lead your dive. He/she merely facilitates you getting to the pre-dive meeting location. The Organizer will not assign you a buddy nor will he/she be leading the dive as a "group dive". Visibility and liability do not allow for that. When you enter the water, you are on your own. You must plan and execute your dive with your dive buddy only. Once members arrive at the meeting spot, the Organizer becomes simply another diver.

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