Great White Shark Cage Diving Trip! REALLY No-Profit!

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Price: $410.00

Horizon Dive Boat @ H&M Landing

2803 Emerson St · San Diego, CA

How to find us

Boat is on the dock directly behind H&M Landing bait and tackle store. End of dock.

Location image of event venue


Look at this price closely ($2,032 total, with a $410 deposit up front)! You won't see it anywhere else for a comparable trip!


IMPORTANT: All attendees must have a current passport with 6 months of validity from point of RETURN to the states.

You all must fill out the Horizon shark form found in our More-->Files section: . Return to Capt Spencer at "[masked]".

ALSO: Send a picture or scan of your passport to Capt Spencer at "[masked]" so he can get started on your Mexican paperwork.

Don't neglect any of this as it is a necessary requirement for your trip.


SAFE, EASY, AND HELLA FUN! Even non-divers can do it!

YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT IT, you've seen the pictures, and you've reveled at the stories. Here's your chance to OWN it in 2019!

WHAT: GWS Cage Diving and Adrenaline Rush (limited load)

WHEN: Oct 21 (Mon) @ 7 pm - Oct 26 (Sat) @ 3-7 pm 2019 (Times may be slightly amended as we get closer.)

WHERE: Isla Guadalupe (Guadalupe Island), Mexico

COST: $400 Non-refundable deposit here, now, after Paypal fees. (Non-refundable, but can be transferred.) Paypable via the Paypal popup occurring after your RSVP. ($2,032 total.)

BALANCE: Balance due 3 months before departure (July 21st). $1632 balance to be mailed to Power Scuba at 12546 Heatherton Court Suite 41 San Diego Ca 92128.

REFUNDS: No refunds on your balance within 75 days of departure unless ALL spots on trip fill. (To back out fully you must cancel your RSVP here and request a PayPal refund.) (*All refunds subject to a .31 PayPal fee and 9% admin fee (

RESERVATIONS: Simply RSVP here (first) then pay the $400 deposit via the Paypal interface that pops up. (Safe and secure. I've used it for years)

DIVING DAYS ON-SITE: 2 and 3/4 days

I (Bill) have done this three times before and believe me, it has to be experienced to fully understand the awe, respect, and thrills you will feel when these large beauties cruise right up to, and by, your cage.

BERTHING: Berthing allocations will be parsed based on order of signup. The price is SO FAR below regular (or even discounted) price, that I'm simply going to reward people in the order of their signup. Limited load, so there'll be plenty of room!

FOOD: All meals included. The Horizon has great fare. If you have special food requests (vegan, etc) please let them know well ahead of time and they'll be happy to accommodate you.


• We go into the two cages (housing 8 divers at a time) in shifts lasting (usually) 45 min each. As long as the sharks are running by, we'll have y'all in the water. When you're not in the water you're either lounging around the boat or capturing amazing topside footage of the GWSs as they cruise by. (Go Pros on a stick tend to work well for uw shots while up on the boat.)

• No scuba gear needed. We'll be breathing off hookah hoses. Boat crew will rig you with weight harnesses to keep you down within the cages.

• You need to bring: 1)Wetsuit/drysuit 2)Mask 3)Your thirst for adventure!


Photo credits: Drew Wilson



Pillows and blankets are provided (though some people bring a sleeping bag).

Foam earplugs are always a good addition to your toiletry kit.

A meal before you board would be appropriate.

The Ten Commandments of RSVPing: Click here, gang. (

BRING YOUR PASSPORT. (With at least six months validity on it.

Take a seasickness medication like Bonine if you think you're at all inclined towards seasickness.

Bring something to keep you warm between dives (overcoat, boat jacket, etc).

Don't be late to the boat.

Hydrate really well. It helps prevent sea sickness

Don't clog up the marine head with Baby Ruth bars, tampons, or similar.

If you have to throw up, do it downwind (leeward), NOT IN THE HEAD.



The Virtual Donation Jar ( will be out (for the Meetup site costs and general fund). It's strictly voluntary, but is very much appreciated. Click here: DONATION JAR (

If you have not filled out a Liability Release for Power Scuba Meetup, please follow this link to the file, print, sign and bring to the event, along with your C-Card (scuba certification card). You only need to do this once a year. Go to the Files section ( of our site and scroll down to get to the Release: CLICK HERE (

You must also read this: Disclaimer and Clarification... AKA Terms and Conditions (

Anyone with a medical condition possibly counter-indicative to diving must have a doctors signature on a diving waiver form and submit signed form to Bill Powers (or an organizer) before they may attend any Power Scuba event. YOU MAY NOT ATTEND AN EVENT WITH AN UNDISCLOSED MEDICAL CONDITION. Doing so is grounds for expulsion from the group. Our medical statement is also found in the Files Section: Medical Statement ( . Scroll down until you find it. (Therein you'll find a Doctor Waiver form as well.)

Attending any scuba event Power Scuba facilitates constitutes attendee's affirmation they are medically fit to dive and have submitted a signed Liability Release to an organizer.

For Boat Dives: Any overage resulting from our specialty dive boat trips is put into a dedicated Group Boat Fund.

Important Note: Once members arrive at the meeting spot, the Organizer becomes simply another diver. He will play no role in leading your cage dives. Look to the boat crew for this.

Your participation constitutes your affirmation you agree to these above rules and disclaimers.... and that your guest(s), if applicable, agree to the same.