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White Sea Bass Pen Cleaning Dive

Hosted by Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)

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San Diego Bay White Seabass Pen - San Diego Oceans Foundation

1810 North Harbor Drive · San Diego, CA

How to find us

I will be at the pens, since it is the weekend Solar Turbine allows us to park in their side lot which is just across the street

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Ever gone diving in the San Diego Harbor?

How about diving around 21,000 juvenile white sea bass?

The White Sea Bass Pens Desperately need a cleaning meaning I need a

DM and Divers

(I can not have divers in the water unless I have DM)

This will be a 1 tank dive, after a quick brief from the wonderful DM, that has NOT yet volunteered their talented services, we will hop in the water and give the nets a scrub. The best way to clean off the growth is rubbing the nets in between your gloved hands. If you are not inclined to soil your gloves I will have cloth gardening gloves with a rubber overlay on the palm.

Plus we do have a hose that you will be able to rinse yourself and gear off before leaving the pier.

If my eternal gratitude is not enough... I will also bake something as a treat. I personally recommend my tasty pumpkin spice bread with the addition of semi sweet chocolate chips, I also make a mean apple coffee cake, biscotti, and cookies. Let me know which one I should make.


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