What we're about

Friendly, able to hike 10-15 miles a day, appreciate being in the outdoors exploring vistas, waterfalls, canyons, botany, and wildlife. Hikes will be loop trails within a 200 mile radius of the Bay Area with the majority being in and close to the San Francisco Bay Area.
Knowledge of long distance hiking practices, ability to adapt to nature elements such as weather, mud, etc and first aid training are all a plus but not a necessity.

a 211 mile backpacking trip along the John Muir Trail from Yosemite to Mount Whitney would be our summer Super Bowl 😎

PLEASE INCLUDE AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF YOURSELF. We need to be able to find you if something happens or show rescuers what you look like. We also like to feel comfortable knowing we are hiking with chill people.

Be respectful of others' and their right to hike peaceably. Pick discussion topics that are nurturing.

Be mindful of others so that we all make it to the final destination. Watch out for each other.

Know your own limitations. Hiking outdoors with hills is a 4-8 hour continuous cardiac activity. Have hiking shoes, follow the water recommendations, energy snacks, proper clothing , etc. A backpack with a camel back drinking tube is highly recommended.

Respect the leader. Stay behind them. Unless given direction to go ahead. Inform the leader if you have any issues: want to turn around, a person is harassing, you, you fall, etc.

Upcoming events (5+)

Limantour beach to Mount Vision 12 miles, streneous, Point Reyes

Bear Valley Visitor Center

We will meet at the restrooms in the gravel parking area next to the picnic area at the Bear Valley Visitors Center and carpool from there to Limantour beach. When we arrive at the beach we will hike up a garden variety of trails that will take us up to the top of Mount Vision which is highest point in the whole Point Reyes National seashore. At the top of Mount Vision you will be treated to gorgeous views of Limantour beach, drakes beach and Chimney rock. We will walk threw esteros, bird habitats, Douglass fir trees, and chaperone. On the downgrade route on the Bucklin trail we will also hopefully find lots of mushrooms that show up during the winter season. Limantour beach is a 1/2 drive from the bear valley visitor center so carpooling out will be easier. Please be on time for the 8:30 carpool out to the trailhead and plan for a full day. The 1st 1/2 of the hike is uphill and the 2nd 1/2 of the hike is downhill. for Petaluma carpool text[masked]

Berry Creek Falls - via Skyline to the Sea Trail from Waddell Beach

Waddell Beach Parking lot

Waddell Beach Parking lot https://goo.gl/maps/GjCpNmDoX5n This will be an amazing interior forest waterfall hike! Nice long hike to Berry Creek Falls along Skyline to the Sea trail, with a side trip to McAbee Overlook. This hike goes through different micro-climates, making it an overall pleasant experience. NOTE: Please wear hiking shoes, proper equipment, etc. Please bring the specified amount of water. If you don't, we strongly suggest you do not hike with the group. Thank you! Distance: 15 miles Difficulty: Challenging to strenuous Location: Big Basin Redwoods State Park (http://gurmeet.net/hiking/parks/Big_Basin_Redwoods_State_Park.html) Elevation Change: 2300ft Gear: Poles a good idea because of mud possibility. Hiking boots, Water proof clothing, temperature appropriate Nutrition: 100 oz H2o, snacks/lunch Parking: Free Route: To Berry Creek Falls: Follow Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail all the way to Berry Creek Falls. To McAbee Overlook: From Berry Creek Falls, retrace your steps via Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail. To Waddell Beach: From Berry Creek Falls → Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail.

Big Rock Ridge, Dog Friendly 7.5 miles, Moderate

Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve

This is a dog friendly hike so please feel free to bring your 4 legged friend on a leash! Big Rock Trail is a relatively new segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, opened in 2003. The summit of Big Rock Ridge at 1895 feet is the second highest point in Marin County (after Mount Tamalpais), and views from the top are spectacular. This hike will be an out and back; we'll hike up and down the same trail. We'll climb to high points where Marin County's mountains and valleys are laid out before us and San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge loom in the south. The trail starts gently upward through a grassy hillside then into stands of oak. Once through a fence we'll encounter a mix of grassy hillside and oak stands but on a much more severe incline. A series of switchbacks will carry us ever higher and eventually to the fire road on the ridge. Much of this hike is exposed with little tree cover, so wear sunscreen and/or a hat. THERE IS LIMITED PARKING AT THE TRAIL HEAD – PLEASE BE SURE TO CAR POOL IF YOU CAN. Carpool at Smith Ranch Road Park and ride in San Rafael at 11 am. for Petaluma carpool please call or text[masked] if you want a carpool please post in comments or send a text. Directions to the trail head: From Hwy 101 in San Rafael, take the Lucas Valley Rd/Smith Ranch Rd exit west on Lucas Valley Rd. Continue on to the “Big Rock” on the right side of the road and park. Always check the meetup website the night before just in case there are some car pooling opportunities have come up or any last minute instructions due to WEATHER.. As always: - We combine enjoyment of the trail with respect for everyone’s time. this is a shorter, Sunday hike so the pace will be moderate instead of fast. - Give yourself time to find the trail head so that you arrive prior to the scheduled time. That is the time we head out on the trail. It would be disappointing to miss having you on the hike due to late arrival. - Wear comfortable hiking shoes that are well broken in. Petaluma Carpool. Petaluma swim center parking lot off of East Washington at 10:30 AM by the skate park. If you want a carpool please confirm by posting in comments. If I don't get requests I will just head straight to the trail head. Or you can text[masked] for carpool. We should try to car pool as much as possible for this hike due to limited parking. I will only stop at the carpool locations if specifically requested.

Point Reyes hike 7 miles or 13-15 miles Tidal Pools, Ocean Views, Forest

This is a strenuous hike with lots of steep up and down hills and gorgeous scenery. If you want a good workout and the most incredible views and scenery ever and fresh ocean air than this is the hike for you. There are 2 uphills and 2 downhills on this hike. Please make sure you are comfortable with hills prior to signing up. Wear comfortable-well broken in shoes. There is an option for a shorter hike: You can hike up Wittenberg trail and then Sky Trail and then down Horse trail to your cars. A couple of people mentioned that for them a short hike will be nice; the rest of us will continue on our longer route so the shorter hike will be leaderless and a smaller group but it is an option. We will start off at the bear valley visitor center but meet in the gravel parking lot by the restrooms by the picnic area and go up Wittenberg Trail and then down Sky trail to Woodward Valley trail down hill which offers outstanding views of the coast. At low tide we can visit sculpture beach to look at tide pools. (already checked tide schedule) We will be at the bottom and hike along coast trail and take a break at Coast camp and then head uphill up the Fire Lane trail to the sky Trail which we will enjoy till we go down Horse trail back to our trail to our cars. There are 2 major uphills and down hills. I called this the "Lord is my Trainer hike" Because it is a great hike that includes some of the more steeper hikes in the park. Please plan for a full day. If you have time commitments afterwards then this is not the hike for you because I love to go fast but also to enjoy scenery and wait at all junctions and not be on a time schedule. Petaluma carpool text[masked] visitors can also reach the park via Sir Francis Drake Boulevard or the Point Reyes-Petaluma Road. Public transportation to the Bear Valley Visitor Center from San Rafael along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard is available through the West Marin Stagecoach. If you choose to use public transportation the bus will come to the visitor center but please remember that we are meeting across the street from the visitor center near the picnic area by the restrooms. We will leave at 9:00 am so please be on time.

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