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Consensual Touch™ - The Wheel of Consent®.
with Katie Sarra, Kian de la Cour & guest facilitators

Taking out the guess work and understanding your dynamics of touch.

Upcoming dates:
October 26, 27, 29 & 29 in Glastonbury with Katie Sarra, Kian de la Cour, Sarah Rose Bright and Julian Marcus
Times: 10am - 6 pm.
Price: £220 for 2 days, £440 for 4 days.
Repeating attendees: £150 for 2 days, £300 for 4 days.
To attend: Please fill in the short form at & we will be in touch to say hi.

Contact us to explore bringing this to your community or training.

Previous participants have said:

"This was life-changing and powerful for me"

"The integrity and embodied understanding of the subject by the facilitators shone through".

"I loved it! There was a good balance of practice and reflection/integration".
Who is it for?

This is for you if you are wanting to learn how to improve your relationships with your self and others through learning your dynamics of giving and receiving touch through the embodied experience of Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent® teachings.

The workshop is clothed and you will never be asked to touch or be touched by anyone you do not want to be.

In any instance of touch, are you giving or receiving? How can you tell?

- How do you know what you want when it comes to touch?

- How do you ask for it?

- How do you negotiate so that you can clearly articulate what you want and do not want - from moment to moment?

This workshop will guide you to discover how to trust your body, including but not limited to, when you want to be touched and how to discover and negotiate how you might want to touch another.

You will learn the neurobiology of your body's responses to stress which leads to reduced trust in giving and receiving and how to increase your receptivity to pleasure and relaxation.

This is an embodied learning environment were you will learn through your body.

The workshop is clothed and you will never be asked to touch or be touched by anyone you do not want to be.

To attend, please fill in the short form below & we will be in touch to say hi.

About reviewing and the 4-day training

For October 26-29 in Glastonbury, we have extended this event from 2 days to four. These four days are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice and enquiry of how it is for you to be in the different quadrants.

If you have attended this workshop or other Wheel of Consent® events, we recommend continuing in your enquiry here as the Wheel of Consent is not a concept that you “get” but a practice to engage with regularly. Katie & Kian have taken “Like a Pro” 5 times so far and been involved with playing and practising the quadrants in many other events & ways. Every time is fresh and offers new revelations and realisations.

What does being “advanced” mean???

People sometimes ask for "the advanced course".
The advanced course is – doing more practice!

Being advanced refers to your ability to navigate your yes and your no in every moment. This is not a linear development and will change from day to day and situation to situation. This is why we encourage you to keep coming back for immersive practice with us and to engage in regular practice in your everyday life.

The advanced class is not about where we touch but about how authentic can you be in your yes and your no in every moment, whatever it is you are choosing to do or not do.

Our Refund Policy:
Up to 30 days notice – full refund
Up to 2 weeks notice – half or apply to next time
Less than 2 weeks notice – apply to another course only.

Your Facilitators:

Kian de la Cour & Katie Sarra are Certified Somatic Sex Educators and Certified Wheel of Consent Facilitators with over 40 years experience between them of educating and guiding people into experiencing deeper connection with themselves.

To attend: Please fill in the short form at & we will be in touch to say hi.