Past Meetup

Single Sea Kayak Skills & Rudder Controls


This is 3.5 hours of training to improve your individual sea kayak skills before heading out into the Tolo channel to test and perfect them against wind and tide.

We spend our morning in the sheltered waters of 3 fathoms cove learning advanced paddling and kayak steering techniques in single kayaks. This will include steering your kayak with bow rudder, low brace plus edging and tilted turns. Understanding weathercocking and ferry gliding will also be introduced as well as beam and following wind paddling techniques.

This meetup is for those paddlers who have mastered the basic paddling strokes and want to take their paddling techniques further.

This will be the first time we have tried to have 2 paddling sessions in one day so any people who RSVP yes, please ensure that you have arranged plenty of time to get here.

I suggest bring a drink for after the session if you are coming in the afternoon. On Sat we will probably have a BBQ if people are interested in hanging around.