Kayaking Essentials at Tan Ka Wan


Meeting outside McDonalds

1-3, Chan Man Street · Sai Kung

How to find us

Meet outside Sai Kung McDonald's 8.30am. Will take bus or taxi to Wong Shek Pier, then speedboat or ferry

Location image of event venue


To meet the high demand for basic skills training, we will hold a day session aimed at initiating new members who would like to participate and develop their skills for future paddling trips. The latter part of the day will involve few minutes immersion (i.e. GETTING WET!) so be prepared with some dry layers for afterwards. Please do not sign up unless you can commit to being there. Our 48 Hour Rule applies! The session is scheduled to start at 10.30am.

Please bring with you
HKD$300 in cash as payment. This is for hiring the equipment used in this training session.
Please also bring the following - - Sturdy closed-toed shoes that can get wet that will be worn at all times throughout the training session (Crocs and flip flops do not qualify. Old sneakers/trainers and closed toed tevas/sandals are ok). - Pack your own lunch- no restaurants at Tan Ka Wan, . - Swimwear, hat, sunglasses and sun protection (long sleeve rash guard or UV resistant shirt highly recommended). - Optional: change of clothes & towel for post-session shower

This full-day training will focus on... - Understanding of all essential sea kayaking boat and equipment...including setup and proper usage - Understanding of the benefits and risks of sea kayaking...and safety measures and preparations utilized to limit risks and maximize enjoyment - How to enter and exit a kayak...and the proper seating posture within a sea kayak - How to properly perform various paddle strokes to effect...forward, backward, sideways movements and turning of a kayak while on the water - How to avoid a capsize...with proper paddling motion and bracing strokes - How to perform a wet exit from a sea kayak in the event of a capsize - How to recover from a capsize and assist in performing a rescue of a capsized kayak...rafting up, x-rescue, etc. - How to communicate with other kayakers on the water - How to be a good and safe kayaker and kayak group participant