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It's that time again! Hot on the heels of our awesome Expedition 2, now it's time to pre-select our cruise venue for EXPEDITION 3!

Meeting time is:

6PM PACIFIC TIME, Saturday, January 14

7PM MOUNTAIN TIME Saturday, January 14

8PM CENTRAL TIME, Saturday, January 14

9PM EASTERN TIME, Saturday, January 14

EVERYONE is invited to attend. This meeting will be conducted via AUDIO in the SeaBronies Discord at https://discord.gg/X5c6E2w. Join channel #expedition3 to get instructions for how to join the meeting. (If you lack a microphone, that's okay! Just listen in via headphones or speakers, and you can vote via Discord's text chat in the #expedition3 channel.)

As per past meetings, this is ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE— staffers and non-staffers have precisely equal say here!

We will be meeting to whittle down the list of qualifying cruises (Those being not Carnival, $500 or less choices will be selected as candidates for our meetup.com poll which will decide our final cruise venue for 2018!

PLEASE RSVP if you plan on attending!