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Facebook: A Discussion of the Strengths and the Limits of Social Networking

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Facebook is much more than a platform we use to share photos that show how much fun we’re having. With over a billion users, it’s also an incredible way to reach lots of people.

But before investing more time into it for your cause or organization, you might want to ask yourself – what is Facebook doing for me? And if you can’t come up with a good answer, Facebook might not be what you need to accomplish your goals.

Stories about the power of Facebook to locate a stolen bike or raise money for clean water in an African village abound – but now we’ll separate fact from hype.

Come listen, discuss and debate the power and powerless of Facebook with our three expert panelists, including Suphatra Laviolette, Digital Marketing Manager at Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship and Public Affairs branch, and Collin Jergens, Communications Director for Fuse Washington.