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Our organizer and group starter left the group. I took over for now to see if people are still interested. The Meetup group (Sm)art House Movies no longer exists so I will attempt to see if we can pick up some slack. I am a movie aficionado (As well as craft beer AND coffee. Let's see if we can get this this back on track.
Chuck D

(Original group starter posted this)
I love movies and if you’re checking out this group, I’m guessing you do as well.  I plan to see a movie once or twice a month as a group, then check out a nearby coffee shop or bar and have a fun discussion.  The first Meetup didn’t go as planned, but I intend to ensure that does not happen again. 
I’ve gotten interest to become assistant organizers from a few members and have decided to make the group unlimited.  I hope they will also plan Movie Meetups in their respective areas.  If anyone else is interested in becoming an assistant organizer, please send me a message.  I am completely new to Meetup so I’m taking this process slowly and as I learn more I can hopefully expand their responsibilities. 
One of the big challenges for this group is going to be scheduling.  It’s difficult to plan movies far in advance as most of the movie theaters don’t schedule more than a week ahead.  Ideally, we would pick a day a week or two after a movie is scheduled to be released, leaving the time To Be Determined.  For example, the next film I want the group to see is ‘Glass’ by M. Night Shyamalan.  ‘Glass’ is scheduled for release on January 19th, 2018.  So we could pick Jan 25th as a Meetup date.  However, we won’t know the time until January 10th or so.  If anyone has any questions about this, please send me a message. 
Another option would be theaters such as The Music Hall in Portsmouth, as they schedule their screenings far in advance.  Cinemagic in Portsmouth and O’Neil in Epping have Cult Classic nights, so those are also other options. 
Personally, I love all types of film, including classics, blockbusters, independent, documentary, etc.  I would like the group to experience all types.  And if anyone has a suggestion for a future Seacoast Movie Meetup, either a film, or a coffee shop or bar, please let me know. 
Thanks for checking out my Meetup group.  See you at the movies

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