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Let's get together to learn more about holistic and alternative health and wellness options and support each other in our efforts to live long and happy lives.

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NH Metaphysical's Psychic Message Circle

Online event

Welcome to New Hampshire Metaphysical's "SIGNATURE EVENT": Psychic Message Circle

Receive your own individual Messages from 4 different Psychic Messengers!

Ginger Hendry
Lori Powers Otto
Nancy Smith
and a surprise NEW NH Metaphysical medium!
Register Here:

This unique Psychic Event forms Message Circles that that each hold 6 participants. You will be assigned a particular Message Circle in a Zoom Breakout Room. Your group starts with one Psychic Messenger. Every 30 minutes a different Psychic Messenger comes in to give individual messages to all. As well, at times group messages may be given. In total you will experience readings from 4 Psychic Messengers throughout the evening.
THE PSYCHIC MESSENGERS will be from the New Hampshire Metaphysical Practitioner Directory


Experience the blessings from 'shared messages' as the messages given to others may resonate strongly for you as well.

Sign up individually or with your own group of family, friends, or co-workers.

If you have friends you wish to be in your group throughout the evening: 1) Sign up and pay as a group or 2) Email [masked] once your registration has gone through and let us know who will be in your group. Then we will keep you all together.

Your Zoom link will be sent to you on January 27th.


Cost for General Admission is $50 per person.

Register Here:

Spiritual Stew Sunday with Eileen O'Boyle

Online event

The Importance of Falling: Healing and Growth in the Face of Hardship with Eileen O'Boyle

Explore how negative emotions are actually our guide to creating a positive experience out of everything. Embrace your power as you learn tips, tricks, and wisdom that will enable you to transform how you see the world, yourself, your emotions, and life.

On the second and fourth Sunday of every month, New Hampshire Metaphysical will be hosting a Spiritual Stew Sunday from 5-7 EST. The ingredients? Dr. Kevin, often another spiritual teacher, a spiritual topic, and you! First, Dr. Kevin and the guest will slice, dice, and even sometimes filet the topic and then we open the floor for questions, discussion, and participant's views on the theme. All variations of the theme are welcome but must be delivered and discussed in a respectful way. You may not agree with Dr. Kevin, the guest, or another participant's variation, we just ask that you recognize their right to have it!

Eileen is a natural psychic and healer. Blessed with extraordinary gifts, when she was 33 she formally studied Usui Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher. Since then, she has been attuned to work with Crystal energy, Color energy, Chakra energy, Faerie and Elemental energies, Deity energy, Quantum energy, Prana energy, and much more! Much like the energy of the Universe, she is ever-changing, growing, and flowing.

Dr. Kevin began professional psychic work in the 1970’s, has an undergraduate degree in business and psychology and a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Divinity. For years he taught at an MBA level boot camp for entrepreneurs and has helped many businesses launch and others to grow. He has had his own spiritually based business for 32 years, as a Spiritual coach, counselor, and catalyst, teacher, speaker, and psychic.

We ask for $10 to participate to support our community, guests, and host (Tickets available through the link below. Registration email is sent the day prior to the event.) Come participate, share, and grow in this spiritual community.


Crystal Bowl Relaxation Gathering to Welcome In 2016
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Come relax with us to the soothing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Zen Tambour & Soft Chimes. Sherryl Comeau helps to lift your vibration by clearing static build-up in the Aura/Etheric field while you simply lie back, unwind and listen to the beautiful tones.

Father's Day Wellness and Healing Arts Fair
Needs a date and time

Matt Randall's Black Belt Academy

12Noon Introduction to Human Design by Rebecca Hale
1:15 The Ancestry of Man by Sherryl Comeau
2:30 Holistic Approaches to Male Health Issues by Marie Hall, RN
3:45 Fathering with Add/ADHD by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
5:00 A Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction by Rev. Erin-Dail Plunkett

Dr. Kevin will offer medical intuitive readings. Barbara Felong and Peg Losee will be offering Angel Card Readings. Amy Sabatino has Taro Cards and Crystal Ball readings to offer. Crystals, healing stones and jewelry will also be for sale. Please bring a donation of pet food or a cash donation to man's best friends at the Cocheco Valley Humane Society.

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Grow Your Spiritual Business with NH Metaphysical

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