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The web is a big place with many marketing directions. Which way is right for my business? What are the benefits, costs, challenges, and expected ROIs? Is my marketing path SEO, email, social networking, blog, do-it-yourself, affiliates, mobile,...?

How is it some business receive ROIs in excess of 100X, and others lose millions on the web? We'll examine these issues, so you can determine which path is strategic for you!

This group is suitable for those who wish to market successfully using the web and those who supply web marketing technologies. The Organizer, Chen Sun of WebAndNet.com, is a strategist and outsources the vast majority of his firm's web "work" (except for strategies), so, nearly all web suppliers are also welcome. Chen invites all suppliers wishing to make presentations to contact him.

One unusual feature of our Meetup is that events can have restricted attendees. A supplier making a presentation may not want to reveal his trade secrets or competitive advantages to other suppliers. Hence, the supplier can exclude other suppliers from his presentation; this same right is given to all presenters. Our apologies in advance, if your event registration application is rejected.


Sponsor: WebAndNet.com, Houston web marketing (http://www.webandnet.com)

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Expanding a Web StartUp, in Detail

Needs a location

THE EVENT TIME IS BEING RESCHEDULED. Many web startups are stealthy, “under the radar” operations that are a bit difficult to learn its inner workings, strategy, funding, budget, more. Can seeing in detail such operations help with your own launch? In this Meetup, we will have a series of open discussions on a new-to-world type of web service--detailing its strategy, programming, marketing, business model, and more. Strategy incorporates tactics such as SEO, social media, PR promotions, and more. Attendees will walk away with a far greater understanding of online startup businesses, its capital required, promotions means,.... nearly everything. The first presentation will introduce the strategy, intellectual property acquisition, design specifications of a web surveying and polling service, called “Yes.to, No.to”. “Yes.to, No.to, Undecided.to, and Yesto.com” are a set of domain names which, by appending file suffixes to their domain names, will enable users to mass survey, poll, sloganeer, and more. If you’re a developer, we are hiring on this project as well, so come and learn what your can earn. A central Houston location will be finalized.

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