Expanding a Web StartUp, in Detail

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Many web startups are stealthy, “under the radar” operations that are a bit difficult to learn its inner workings, strategy, funding, budget, more. Can seeing in detail such operations help with your own launch?

In this Meetup, we will have a series of open discussions on a new-to-world type of web service--detailing its strategy, programming, marketing, business model, and more. Strategy incorporates tactics such as SEO, social media, PR promotions, and more.

Attendees will walk away with a far greater understanding of online startup businesses, its capital required, promotions means,.... nearly everything.

The first presentation will introduce the strategy, intellectual property acquisition, design specifications of a web surveying and polling service, called “Yes.to, No.to”. “Yes.to, No.to, Undecided.to, and Yesto.com” are a set of domain names which, by appending file suffixes to their domain names, will enable users to mass survey, poll, sloganeer, and more. If you’re a developer, we are hiring on this project as well, so come and learn what your can earn.

A central Houston location will be finalized.