Search Technology Meetup XV: Distribute all the things

Search Technology Meetup Hamburg
Search Technology Meetup Hamburg
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inoio gmbh

Kampstraße 15 · Hamburg

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Dieses Mal treffen wir uns bei inoio in der Kampstraße 15 im Herzen der Schanze. Unten klingeln und Ihr findet uns im ersten Stock.

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I‘m very excited to welcome Alexander Reelsen (@spinscale, Elastic) to this meetup. He‘ll enlighten us with two short talks regarding search and distributed work.

1) Matthias Krüger & Marco Priebe (inoio): Pragmatic Decompounding for E-Commerce Search

Decompounding is a common challenge for (ecommerce) search engines, yet
there are relatively few publications and talks about approaches and how
well they work. We present a pragmatic dictionary-based query rewriting
approach which we used to optimise recall for queries extracted from
search logs of a German fashion retailer.

2) Alexander Reelsen (Elastic): Building a successful ecommerce search engine

This talk will cover all the different aspects to keep in mind when running a product search engine in an ecommerce platform. That search engine is usually a direct driver for your conversion and thus needs to be handled with care. Starting with a small demo for facetted/aggregated search most of the talk will deal with more advanced topics like proper data modeling, further query strategies, ranking strategies, feedback loops and query parsing.

3) Alexander Reelsen (Elastic): Working distributed - the good, the best and the awesome?

What it's like to work in a distributed company with more than 1500 employees. How do we handle communication, company wide updates, keep the culture, ensure processes are there when needed and new hires feel welcome? How we does our development process look like? What are the problems with working distributed? This talk is going to whirlwind through all the things in order to have a relaxed Q & A at the end.