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It is a meetup for those people who are not satisfied with the readymade answers that are generally supplied to us by those who think they know what the nature of truth is and how we should be conducting our lives in accordance to that and also those who don’t subscribe to the dogmatic and stereotypical way of thinking that tends to inhibit us and strifles our growth and prevents our multidimensional growth and full flowering of our personality. It is a forum for those who are fed up with the inherent hypocritical and double faceted tendencies present in this society and those people who preach us virtues and conducts that they themselves don’t follow. It is a forum for an open exploration into actual nature of truth and the essence of life and to discover what is of vital importance for our personal growth without which life would be meaningless and incomplete. It is a forum for those who have the willingness to see the truth as it is and derive their conclusions from the truth discovered by the process of impartial, objective and non prejudiced way of thinking without subscribing to the glossy and stereotypical colouring with which it is usually presented to us. It is a forum where we will jointly explore all these issues and many more enabling us to jointly travel into the realms of our mind and remove those obstacles and stumbling blocks that are preventing us from living a more complete, meaningful and gratifying life and thus challenging those archaic dogmas and beliefs that are enimical to our well being and growth. It is also a forum for all these seekers of truth to get to know each other and form a bond of friendship and comredeership.

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