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This will be the final of our first four discussions groups to explore the question

Spirituality and the inner-life? We will gather for food and drinks at 7 pm and start the dialogues at 7.30pm.

Currently the group meets in Leon in Borough for one more session, and then we will be seeking to move it to Vauxhall at a date and venue still to be confirmed.

We will be sitting downstairs in Leon We hope that people will be interested and enthused to attend all 4 of these discussions, dates to be arranged to ensure as many people as possible can attend. We aim to transcribe all four of these conversations maintaining anonymity, and you will receive a paper version of each conversation once it is transcribed. Material from the discussions will be with expressed permission, be used for sociological research, and for those who are interested, there will be the extra possibility of being given a camera for a week to identify spiritually important moments and places.


7pm Food, Drink & Welcome

7.30pm Theme is briefly announced

7.35pm to 9.30pm Each individual will be invited to speak up to 5 minutes for their initial thoughts. After each participant is given an opportunity to speak, members of the group can ask clarification questions about what people might mean which is not clear, which is then followed by an open conversation on the theme. The session will end on time.

Serum is purely a discussion space to explore spirituality. It aims to be a friendly, serious and fun space. We explore questions about life and all things spiritual in an informal, open and non-prescriptive way over a drink in the bar. Serum thrives on a diversity of viewpoints and experiences and is not about having the right answer. The Group is aimed at those who would consider themselves 'spiritual not religious' and therefore will seek to explore spiritual questions and areas of exploration rather than discussions about particular religions. Each discussion provides an opportunity to share insights and wisdom and reflections on the question. All are welcome.

•What happens after the 4 planned meetings?

We plan to move the group to a Venue in Vauxhall, but not yet confirmed where this will be.

•You mentioned Research
It is proposed that the anonymised dialogues be used for PhD sociological research that I am conducting, which is an ethnographic study seeking to listen and learn from those who would see themselves as 'Spiritual Not Religious' or 'Spiritual Seekers'. It is hoped that people will feel comfortable being part of these dialogues, and initial demographic one-page questionnaires, again anonymised, and for the enthusiastic the opportunity of being given a camera to take pictures of spiritually significant places and situations after a week. Any queries contact me

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Spirituality and the inner life


This discussion will explore the whole aspect of spirituality and the inner life and landscape that we all have. All are welcome, no previous attendance required. Please do join us! We meet downstairs on the sofas behind the stairs. Contact me if you need any further info.

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Spirituality and the Inner Life


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