What we're about

This group is about seasonal love.

Hi, I am Heidi, your host. I believe as the seasons change so do our moods, our wants, and our needs. Let's take a closer look at love and how it's showing up in your life right now. Let's explore

ways to adjust so that you stay in harmony with what is happening in your environment. Let's learn to lead with love so that your life happens in the best, healthiest, happiest way possible.

We meet two times a month with various topics related to feeling good because I believe the most basic definition of the word love is 'feels good'

Love has to happen from within and then we can change our world from a true place of love. The meetings will be in workshop fashion with group activities, laser coaching and shared discussion. It's not all 'woo woo' but there is an element of that. As the seasons change, I change to meet the needs of the participants who show up.

There will always be some kind of light physical movement and breath exercise to relax the central nervous system and refocus the mind.

The meeting is held upstairs of a karate school so you must enter the dojo to be led upstairs. We meet in a private, comfortable space.

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3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today!

West Wind Schools


You will learn 3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Right Now! You'll be able to enjoy these no-cost steps that will generate more energy in your body. These steps are proven to be the ideal refresher toolkit for a daily pick-me-upper. You’ll see how to easily insert these 3 Steps into your day, for a daily uplift.

Transforming Judgement into Curiosity & Self - Love

West Wind Schools


When you're being hard on yourself when you're angry, resentful or jealous. When the inner critic is winning! Bring compassion where there is a ​shame and get aligned with your highest good so you can take empowered action, daring to be seen and heard!

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Self Care On a Deeper Level

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