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Let's hang out with us, we truly believe that your network determines your net worth.

We host regular monthly meetings. We also conduct live property tours that will help you get motivated, educated, and inspired to make money with real estate investing.

Each meeting allows members to share deals and opportunities with the group, network with each other, and learn from experts and guest speakers.

Come network with wholesalers, landlords, real estate investors, agents, lenders, brokers, money partners, joint venture partners, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

If you can not come to our event, join our online event.

Upcoming events (4+)

Cashflow Game Online


If you are interested in attending, please click the going button. Then text the word CASHFLOW to[masked] include your name and email then we'll send you the ZOOM link.

Have you ever played the Cashflow game?

The Cashflow game teaches about real estate, the stock market, business, and all types of passive income.

- Learn money language and how it works while having fun playing the game.
- Think and create new and various financial options
- Spot good investment opportunities
- Read and understand financial statements

The more you play this game the more you will develop your financial intelligence.

Join us for a fun and engaging experience that will help you transform your money attitude as you raise your financial I.Q.

You will need a Zoom account to attend the event.

Learn how to:
- Earn massive and passive income by investing wisely in real estate!
- Control your time, finances, and future!
- Do real estate deals that do not require your own money or credit.!

You will need a Zoom account to attend the event.
If you attend this event, you have a chance to win our Workshop ticket.

Text CASHFLOW with your email & name to[masked] to complete registration

Essentials to Real Estate Investing - ONLINE


See why it makes sense to be part of a community of investors for learning, networking, profit and fun. Interested in attending then, please text the word WEBINAR to[masked] include your name and email then we'll send you the link details.

This is your opportunity to network with local investors. Your real estate investing growth depends on funding. Access to money is limitless if you can network and build your funding and resource network. You cannot do this by reading a book or checking online. Nor can you make it big by being a lone investor. The only way is to have face to face meetings and conversations. Real estate investing is not a property business. It is a people business. So, come and start your relationships journey, with other like minded investors. Join us via zoom.

This is the invitation that will change your life.

Please Text WEBINAR with your Name & Email to[masked] to complete registration.

Online REI Action Plan Workshop


Interested in attending click the going button. Then please text the word WORKSHOP to[masked] include your name and email then we'll send you the Zoom link Early Bird: $20 or Late Registration $30 for this workshop. Or use the following link to sign up: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seattle-rei-action-plan-workshop-online-tickets-241560432757

Are you new to investing or do you want to become effective and efficient in your investing profession?

As we know the real estate market is always changing, give yourself a boost forward by planning ahead for the upcoming year.

Come join other real estate investors to create an action plan around your vision and create your 2022 goals for investing in real estate and generating wealth.

This will be an interactive event that you don’t want to miss.
You can relax at your home and participate to get the knowledge you need!

Don't forget to visit our Facebook Fan page: Graceland Investment Group https://www.facebook.com/gracelandinvestment/

Text WORKSHOP with your name & email to[masked] to complete registration

Entrepreneur Summit Online (FREE)


Are you an Entrepreneur who wants to learn from successful business leaders about increasing your efficiency, productivity, and your profits in our evolving economy?

For Your Pass to MAKE PROFITS AGAIN SUMMIT, please click on the Link.
Use the following link to register: https://MBlanche.makeprofitsagain.com

Please check your email after you register. A confirmation E-mail will be sent to you, with all the information and summit links for all 4 days

We're excited to have you attend the Make Profits Again Online Summit!. If you don't see an email, please check your spam folder. If you still do not receive an email, please contact support here: [masked]

This will be 4 Days of pre-recorded ONLINE training.
We've brought together over 30 experts that are going to teach you step-by-step how to become hyper profitable and start MAKING PROFITS AGAIN!

Between all of the guest speakers, you'll be getting 100s of years of experience distilled down so you can execute a plan. From lawyers and accountants to speakers, pastors, and 9-figure business owners, the perspectives you'll hear are unmatched in an online summit!

Plus, you'll receive calendar invites and email reminders to clear your schedule so you can start making profits again.

Click link for Registration; https://MBlanche.makeprofitsagain.com
Text PROFITS with your Email & Name to[masked] to registrar.

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