• Half-Day Cassandra Workshop - Free

    SURF Incubator

    This half-day event is sponsored by Instaclustr! https://www.instaclustr.com/ Description: Are you responsible for building scalable apps for your company, or maybe for your customers? Then you must have heard, or even used Apache Cassandra - a scalable, distributed and a highly-available open source NoSQL database system. Apache Cassandra, the open source database system is used by successful tech companies such as Spotify or Netflix, and also by small startups that want to scale up effortlessly as their business grows. Being highly available, Apache Cassandra is used across many industries ranging from technology, fintech, financial services, IoT etc. Instaclustr is organizing a free half-day workshop on Apache Cassandra running on AWS. The workshop would offer both theoretical and practical modules. By participating in the workshop you would be able to: Learn the key features of Apache Cassandra Understand the underlying core concepts Experience the database with hands-on exercise Evaluate Cassandra as a solution for your technical challenges Instaclustr has more than 5 years experience in managing Apache Cassandra in the cloud environment, totaling more than 2,000 Cassandra nodes for more than 100 customers worldwide. Instaclustr also delivered more than 10,000 hours of Apache Cassandra consulting services for customers worldwide. There are limited spots available so registration is required through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-half-day-apache-cassandra-workshop-seattle-tickets-56605308000. Agenda: [11:11:30am] Check-In and Registration [11:30-11:45] Welcome and Workshop Overview [11:45-12:15] Introduction to Cassandra [12:15 - 1:15 pm] Lunch [1:15 - 2:20 pm] Cassandra Architecture [2:20 - 3:00 pm] Tasks to Manage a Cassandra Cluster [3:00-3:15] Break [3:15-3:45] Cassandra Data Modeling Concepts [3:45-5:00] Cassandra Hands-On [5:00-5:30] Wrap-Up Session Bio: Adam Zegelin Bio: As Instaclustr's founding software engineer, Adam provides the foundation knowledge of Instaclustr's capability and engineering environment. Adam is also focused on providing Instaclustr's contribution to the broader open source community on which our products and services rely, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and other technologies such as CoreOS and Docker. Prior to founding Instaclustr, Adam worked on large-scale big data projects with Australian government agencies.

  • Welcome to Cloud Economy & Approaches to multiple AWS Environments

    Tonights main sponsor is Cloudability! 5:30-6:00 Food and networking 6:00-7:00 Presentation 1 7:00-8:00 Presentation 2 Welcome to Cloud Economy: #ITFinanceAsCode FinOps is a new operating model that brings financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud. FinOps empowers IT, finance and business teams to maintain high velocity delivery while mastering the unit economics of cloud. The goal is to balance cost, speed and quality of cloud while enabling enterprises to gain cloud efficiencies and continue investing in innovation. Speaker: Andy Boyd - Director Of Strategic and Emerging Accounts at Cloudability Bio: Andy Boyd joins Cloudability from Amazon, where he lead the global custom deal structuring team for AWS Strategic Customer Engagements. He holds degrees in International Business and Russian Languages, as well as an MBA from the University of Washington. For 15 years prior to joining AWS he was at Microsoft, managing both the MSDN Subscription business and Azure worldwide licensing. Leading many of AWS' largest customer pricing negotiations and with 10 years working with Microsoft and AWS Cloud services, Andy has a broad base of experience and insight across the top Cloud providers. -------------------- Approach to multiple AWS Environments - Patterns, Challenges & Strategies Customers create AWS accounts to build and run applications in the cloud. An account provides AWS services in all available regions, a natural boundary. So multiple accounts are created to support isolation of development and production workloads, minimize impact in the event of security breach or to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. As cloud adoption increases, the number of accounts increases (sometimes hundreds of accounts) and the complexity of managing these across multiple development environments, setting network/security controls and meeting governance and compliance requirements increases. Speaker: Mohan Nakka Bio: Mohan has 15+ years of experience in Data center, Public and Private cloud infrastructure. He has built the original Cloud team from ground up at SAP Concur, built and managed public/private cloud infrastructure at Expedia and most recently at McGraw-Hill with their Kubernetes/Container platform in AWS. Mohan is passionate about AWS in general and specifically with infrastructure, management and security related services. -------------------- Sponsors: Cloudability - https://www.cloudability.com Unlock more potential from your cloud with our recommendations. Learn how to prevent unexpected surprises in your cloud bill. Cloud Visibility. Optimization & Automation. Allocation & Chargebacks. Cloud Transformation. Cloud Migration. Cloud Optimization. Ongoing support provided by 2nd Sight Lab ~ Cloud Security Training and Penetration Testing https://2ndsightlab.com/ Surf Incubator ~ Surf always helps us out with free parking at our events. Please thank Seaton and Candace if you see them! The free parking is available after 5 p.m. If you need event space or office space Surf has beautiful views, amenities, and awesome people. https://www.surfincubator.com/

  • Cloud Security Architecture and Engineering Class ~ BETA ~ 2nd Sight Lab

    Please register at link below, not on meetup. 2nd Sight Lab is offering a new cloud security class called Cloud Security Architecture and Engineering. This class is being held to beta test the class and IS FULL. For those who signed up on the waitlist and are interested in taking a class at your own company please reach out to Teri Radichel on LinkedIn. Teri Radichel, instructor, has the following certifications from SANS Institute: GSEC, GCIH, GCIA, GCPM, GCCC, GREM, GPEN, GXPN - ranging from penetrating testing to reverse engineering to network intrusion detection and incident handling. She was on the original team that helped Capital One move to the cloud and received the 2017 Difference Maker’s Award from SANS Institute for pioneering things like packet capture in the cloud, immutable infrastructure, secure deployment pipelines, and automated intrusion detection and response in white papers found in the SANS reading room. She helped another company architect a secure deployment pipeline and IOT solution. She is now an IANS Faculty member and answers consulting questions through their ask an expert service and offers penetration testing services through 2nd Sight Lab. She is an AWS Hero. She has spoken or will be speaking on cloud security at RSA, re:Invent, BSides Vancouver, BSides Seattle, Canadian DevSecOps Summit, SANS Network Security, SANS Cloud Summit, Countermeasure IT in Ottawa, ISACA, OWASP, and others. View this page for more information on cloud security classes from 2nd Sight Lab: https://2ndsightlab.com/cloud-security-training.html

  • Guardrails at Zillow Scale + Lead of AWS Well-Architected Team

    This month we have Bernie Macias from Zillow and Phillip Fitzsimons, Lead of the Well-Architected Framework at AWS! Sponsored by 2nd Sight Lab - We'll be giving away a free spot in our 5-Day Cloud Security Class (Beta) that starts on February 25th - must be present to win! https://2ndsightlab.com/cloud-security-architecture-and-engineering.html 5:30-6:00 Food and networking 6:00-7:00 Presentation 1 7:00-8:00 Presentation 2 Guardrails: Managing AWS at Zillow scale Managing AWS is difficult, as organizations demand for AWS grows so does the number of account while operations staff stays the same. Guardrails is Zillow's way of codifying best practices with security in mind with the use of AWS Config, Config aggregator, Lambda, Cloud Front StackSets, and a custom library which allows team to focus on the rule not the boiler plate. One account to rule them all. Bio: I met Bernie Macias working at Capital One Investing ~ he became a Splunk guru among other things, and went on to work at Nordstrom and then Zillow. Now he's all about the AWS. Ever since I've known Bernie he's been doing cool new things and he's one of my friends that always tells me something I didn't know ~ so this should be fun! Phillip Fitzsimons will talk to us about the AWS Well-Architected Framework. He leads the AWS Well-Architected team, who is responsible for curating best practices for architecting in the cloud. This is available for free as a self-service review tool https://aws.amazon.com/well-architected-tool/ where you can learn best practices, measure your architecture and see how to improve it. I met Phillip at AWS re:Invent were they announced the new AWS Well-Architected Framework Service. Come learn more about it! Sponsors: 2nd Sight Lab ~ Cloud Security Training and Penetration Testing https://2ndsightlab.com/ Surf Incubator ~ Surf always helps us out with free parking at our events. Please thank Seaton and Candace if you see them! The free parking is available after 5 p.m. If you need event space or office space Surf has beautiful views, amenities, and awesome people. https://www.surfincubator.com/

  • Is Serverless The New Swiss Cheese? Manage Development Lifecycle Gaps

    This event is at Amazon Please register here: https://www.meetup.com/AWS-Seattle-OfficialEvents/events/257941931/ Serverless is great, but there are still many holes in the software development lifecycle for serverless projects. How are access and permissions managed when there are so many more resources than before? How can a team collaborate when there is only one shared AWS account? How do you perform integration testing? This talk will provide solutions the serverless community is converging towards for many of these common challenges. In particular, we’ll focus on three areas: • CloudFormation Dark Arts • Testing Strategies • Automated Monitoring and Instrumentation Each of these will include real-world use cases and solutions based on observations of high-performing serverless teams. AGENDA: • 5:00-5:30PM: Welcome & happy hour • 5:30-6:30PM: Presentation • 6:30-7:00PM: Q&A / networking SPEAKER: Chase Douglas, CTO and Co-founder at Stackery.io

  • It's Our 5th Year Anniversary! Celebrate With Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers

    Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers is celebrating 5 years of AWSome-ness! Thursday, January 17th 6 pm - 9 pm We’ll be in the historic speakeasy at The Rendezvous ~ Space in The Grotto is limited to 80 but if more people show up we can mingle throughout. PLEASE NOTE: - First 30 minutes you must be on the list. - You need a code to get in. See below. - After 30 minutes anyone can get in the grotto if there's still room. - Extra people are free to hang out in the restaurant and bar. About The Rendezvous: http://www.historylink.org/File/20456 Appetizers, Drinks, Fun, and Prizes! Since we are at a speakeasy we decided we decided we should play cards! Decks for the first 25 people who want them to hang out and play. We will also be walking around taking photos of everyone. We're giving a way 2 AWS in Action books. There will be a limited bar tab and appetizers - so show up early! After the tab is used, people can still food and drinks from the venue. Music! (Please support them with a few bucks in the tip jar) Tim Wilkins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1xtQnzQWMs Chris Bloomquist, sponsor + former member of "Afraid of Figs" chiming in: Don't want to be your Facebook Friend (Chris on Sax): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmjZTHX8EKg Spence Bollen https://www.instagram.com/p/BmdetnCFsmk/ ~~ SPONSORS FOR THIS EVENT ~~ The meetup is 100% free ~ but if you would like to contribute it will help cover the cost of the event. https://secure.meetup.com/Seattle-AWS-Architects-Engineers/contribute/ CODE FOR THE SPEAKEASY: Please give the name of one of the sponsors! ~~ 2nd Sight Lab ~~ Teri Radichel, CEO of 2nd Sight Lab, is the original founder of the Seattle AWS Architects and Engineers Meetup. 2nd Sight Lab is offering a discounted cloud security training class for meetup members only. https://2ndsightlab.com/cloud-security-architecture-and-engineering.html ~~ Zipwhip ~~ Kolby Allen is the co-organizer of Seattle AWS Architects and Engineers. His company, Zipwhip, has provides on-going support for our AWS Trivia nights. Kolby writes tricky trivia questions and helps with meetup logistics. Zipwhip's text messaging platform uses your existing landline, VoIP, or toll free phone number to help businesses connect with customers. Try for free. https://zipwhip.com ~~ Surf Incubator ~~ Seattle AWS Architects and Engineers has hosted meetups at Surf Incubator since our inception. SURF gives us beautiful views, support, and FREE PARKING at our presentation meetups held at their location! https://www.surfincubator.com/ ~~ CloudHealth by VMWare ~~ Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and performance in one place through the CloudHealth Cloud Management Platform. https://www.cloudhealthtech.com/ ~~ Pariveda Solutions ~~ Pariveda Solutions, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, is a leading business advisory and technology consulting firm with an office in the heart of Seattle. We partner closely with our clients to optimize their business value through strategic consulting and the application of innovative technology solutions. https://www.parivedasolutions.com/ ~~ Viri Technology ~~ The Viri Technology team helps connect greater Seattle area employers with top quality IT Talent across a variety of technical disciplines. Viri specializes in placing high quality IT professionals on a permanent, contract & contract to hire basis. Chris Bloomquist who is now at Viri Technology was the first person Teri asked to sponsor this Meetup and he’s one of the reason it exists. Say thanks if you meet him!! https://viritechnology.com ~~ Devopsly ~~ A devops consultancy service by Vidya Subramanian. We get teams started on the path of engineering and operational excellence! Expert subject matter advisory to drive results with a focus on team success. https://www.devopsly.com THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!

  • AWS re:Invent 2018 Recap

    AWS - Puget Sound Room

    AWS re:Invent 2018 takes place the last week in November. If you’re unable to attend, don’t worry! At this Meetup, AWS Technical Evangelists AM Grobelny and Nicki Klein will provide a recap of some of the most prominent new AWS service and features launched at re:Invent. AGENDA: 5:00-5:30PM: welcome & happy hour 5:30PM-6:30PM: presentation 6:30-7:00PM: Q&A / networking Please register for this meetup at the Amazon AWS Meetup Site: https://www.meetup.com/AWS-Seattle-OfficialEvents/events/256274986/

  • Who’s Going to re:Invent?!

    The Venetian

    Seattle AWS Architects and Engineers ~ are you going to re:Invent? Kolby and I will be presenting Monday: Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS https://www.portal.reinvent.awsevents.com/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=89415 Join us if you like. Connect with other members in Vegas if you want!

  • AWS-lambda and Cassandra + Simulating real-world attack against AWS

    5:30-6:00 Food, Drinks & Networking 6:00-8:30 Introductions and Presentations Our main sponsor for this event ~ Instaclustr! ~~ Presentation #1 ~~ AWS-lambda and Cassandra managed service: Power your scalable app without managing a single server. Managed service and serverless architecture are very attractive solutions for new tech companies and large established enterprise for good reasons: It reduces the time to market; it abstracts away the complexity of managing servers, and lower the total cost of ownership. One of the key players in serverless architecture is AWS with its aws-lambda offering: a simple way to execute a small portion of stateless code, on demand, without the need to provision any servers. AWS lambda are often combined with AWS api gateway to provide the front end and execution layer of a REST api. Cassandra is one of the most popular solutions for back-end storage of large-scale applications. It's always on, scalable, and provides very low latency. This talk will walk you through a POC that combines AWS lambda, API Gateway, and Instaclustr Cassandra managed service, to power a simple REST api. We will cover the technical challenges, the tips learned along the way, and discuss the pros and cons of this approach. Adam Zegelin, Co-Founder and SVP at Instaclustr - As Instaclustr's founding software engineer, Adam provides the foundation knowledge of Instaclustr's capability and engineering environment. ~~ Presentation #2 ~~ Cloud infrastructure security and configuration has been shown to be a difficult task to master. Sysadmins and developers with years of traditional IT experience are now being pushed to the cloud, where there is a whole new set of rules. This is what makes AWS environments particularly exciting to attack as a penetration tester. Best practices are often overlooked or ignored, which can leave gaps throughout an AWS environment that are ripe for exploitation. With an increasing number of breaches leaking AWS secret keys, companies are working to be proactive and are looking for red-team-like post exploitation penetration tests, so that they can be sure that their client data is as safe as possible post-breach. Due to this need and the lack of AWS specific attack tools, I wrote Pacu, an Amazon Web Services post exploitation attack tool created and used for Rhino Security Labs pentests. In this talk I will cover how red teamers can use Pacu to simulate real-world attack scenarios against AWS environments, starting from IAM enumeration and scanning through exploitation, privilege escalation, and data exfiltration. Spencer Gietzen is a penetration tester with Rhino Security Labs. His primary focus as a penetration tester is security relating to Amazon Web Services post exploitation and configuration, where he has found success in discovering vulnerabilities and attack vectors through extensive research. ~~ Please thank our sponsors ! ~~ Instaclustr - Managed platform for open source technologies. Instaclustr enables companies to focus precious in house development and operational resources on building cutting edge customer-facing applications. https://www.instaclustr.com On-going meetup support is provided by 2nd Sight Lab. Cloud Security Consulting and Training ~ Scheduling Cloud Security Classes now for 2019! https://2ndSightLab.com Free parking for this event is provided by Surf Incubator on a first come, first served basis: https://surfincubator.com

  • AWS Trivia Night


    It is trivia time again! Join us at Zipwhip for Seattle AWS Architects and Engineers Trivia Night! We'll divide people into teams and each team will have people with varying skill levels so you don't have to be an expert. Hang out, have a drink and some munchies and play along. If you're studying for certification, we'll be basing questions off the AWS documents recommended for AWS Solution Architect certifications. Practiced recall is the best way to study for a test! Directions & Parking: Zipwhip is located at Home Plate Center (King 5 Building) across from Safeco field. There is plenty of street parking - please note that the garage closes at 7pm, so please park on the street. Agenda: 6:00p-6:30p: Arrive, form teams, & networking 6:30p-8:00p: Trivia Time! Some notes * We will be on teams - so come prepared to meet new people! * Topics will come from the Associates Exams (Solution Architect & SysOps) will be represented * There will be prizes!! ------- Sponsors: Zipwhip (https://www.zipwhip.com/) ~ We are working to text-enable every business in North America. Our platform allows businesses to seamlessly text customers on existing landline and toll free phone numbers. Zipwhip is the leader in business texting with over 20,000 businesses that use our product. 2nd Sight Lab ~ Sign up for cloud security training in Chicago in December! (http://2ndSightLab.com)