Gypsy Jazz-Swing Jam Session 7:30pm

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Seattle Acoustic Music Workshops & Jams
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Gypsy Jazz-Swing Workshop & Jam

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The Gypsy Jazz-Swing event is a growing success now happening on Wed nights. The last people left after 2am last week! Sometimes there is an early shift that merges into the late shift.

Workshop is over for Summer and Jam now starts at 7:30pm.

I will be doing individual and small group workshops and the following still applies:

Pre-Workshop Assessments

Sometimes it is hard for newer players to jump into this and in some cases, people came to the workshop, but it was confusing or too advanced. For one, you cannot understand how the workshops help you until you have attended a few and learned some of the system. Be that as it may, it would be much better to have a more responsive environment.

All students who are attempting attendance and practice are eligible for individual sessions. The primary session is an assessment, strategy and initial practice plan. Generally, it is better to attend a few workshops before that point because that time will add valuable info to the assessment.

But some folks are too new or not sure of what it is all about. There are many methods of teaching music. This program is exact and refined and simple but it is confusing to look at a diagram with numbers and shapes and trying to work it out. You must have the simple theory but it is confusing ON THE SURFACE. There are two ways to learn it. Come to the workshops and you will soak it up without work. Or I will do what I can to get you over a hump or to get you to try out the workshops.

All regular students will get a webpage to provide individual attention to their plan and supporting resources.


Please consider subscribing on the website if you get value from the workshops or would like to support the arts through donations or subscription to the nonprofit music school.

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