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Jul 2, 2012


I very much enjoy reading provocative thoughtful content and discussing big questions, no matter how pointless. I look forward to meeting, learning and sharing with some of you folks. There are so much about everyday life that can be examined.

What areas of philosophy are you most interested in?

Even if many of the grand ideas to which I was been exposed still resonate, I regret that I lacked the experience and maturity to make the most of my philosophy courses during Uni. Perhaps education and all that time to reflect is wasted on the young. Nonetheless, I'm convinced that everybody, no matter what background, has a hunger to understand. In the excitement of reflecting on the content of interesting concepts that I've encountered, I have a hard time finding the patience to keep organized or recall and attibute sources of ideas properly. Perhaps my faith is misplaced, but I believe that any ideas worth expressing, can be conveyed in a way that any interested individual can find accessible.