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Seattle Angel is a group of angel investors and entrepreneurs working to bring more education and transparency to the early stage capital process. Join us for educational and networking events designed for you to connect with and learn from angels and entrepreneurs in the community.

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How do Key Metrics change over startup stage?

Online event

Startups use metrics to run their business. As the business grows from pre-seed to seed to Series A and beyond, the metrics to watch will change. Come learn the key metrics for each stage of the business.

Hall T. Martin - TEN Capital

Hall launched TEN Capital as the Texas Entrepreneur Networks in 2009. Today, the firm has over 12,000 investors in its network, and has helped startups raise over $700M and counting.

Hall serves as the Vice-Chair of the Baylor Angel Network. He previously led the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) as its first Executive Director, where he achieved over a 40X return for the investors.

He is the founder and director of the Texas Open Angel Network, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the education of angel investors. As a part of that program, he hosts the Investor Connect podcast series.

He is also a Founder and initial Managing Director of SKU (Incubation Station), a consumer product goods accelerator based in Austin, Texas, and the former Managing Director of AccelerateNFC, an accelerator based in Dallas, Texas, focusing on Near Field Communication.

Hall serves as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Texas, leading the Idea to IP program, which fosters startups from the engineering program.

Financials for Fundraising with Andrew Klein

Online event

When startups engage in the fundraising process, the pitch deck has the proverbial hockey-stick curve of revenue. At the core of that slide is some form of a business model. The more transparent and effective financial model for the startup, the more likely the investors are going to find comfort and build trust around the startup management team.

What are the kinds of modeling you need to do for your startup? What are the key metrics that will highlight the key drivers for the business?
What are the ways to layout the fundamental assumptions for the business in the cash flow projection spreadsheet that will prepare you for a more effective due diligence process?

Andrew Klein from Zccounting will walk through the foundations of the financials for fundraising.

NWFEC - Libraries, Databases and Extension

Online event

One of our partner activities, the NW Food Ecosystem Calls have expressed the idea that many of the businesses we see trying to startup do not have meaningful context built into their plans. Particularly in the funding conversations we have had, the early projects often do not have meaningful financial modeling. In addition, they have not grounded their work with enough research into the business context.

What are the trends for the industry they are in? Who are the others who are active in the broader industry that will impact them? Where are the shortages in the supply chain that will stall them?

Often there are organizations like the Extension Service, the Public Libraries and the WWU Center for Economic and Business Research that have data about the current context. What kind of data is available to businesses, startups and other organizations that will help them create progress?

We will explore some of the publicly available data that can be used effectively to reduce the risk for businesses.

Jay Lyman from the Seattle Public Library,
James McCaferty from the WWWU Center for Economic and Business Research
Bridget Whitehead from SOU and others will be part of the conversation.

When we look to the assumptions in business plans for startups, often those assumptions can be framed more effectively starting with some research into existing public data.

Jay Lyman is a librarian at The Seattle Public Library where he empowers entrepreneurs at every stage with skill building workshops, access to market data, and connections to other community experts that help in many different ways. Whatever stage your business is at, having good data is important. Information is key to success, but can be expensive or time-consuming if you don’t know where to look. Find out how to easily navigate various databases available through your local library to help you make informed decisions in your business planning, marketing, site location and market analysis. Jay and his colleagues can help you identify competitors, potential customers, and trends happening in your market. He has organized a number of programs which help small businesses use technology to market and deliver services and products to their customers.

James McCafferty is Director of Western's Center for Economic and Business Research. In this role he seeks to broaden the connections between the University, the College of Business and Economics and the real world – businesses, non-profits and government agencies – through student internships, classroom based projects and consultative projects drawing on faculty, staff and students.

James brings a unique perspective and critical tools to problems faced by organizations today based on professional and community service experience at local, regional, and national levels. He blends the best approaches from the for-profit, non-profit, government, and individual sectors to create unique blended responses that are effective, efficient, and practical while also maintaining long-term sustainability.

The Market Research Institute provides actionable business intelligence to help small business owners make better business decisions. Using the latest business research tools, the Market Research Institute provides no-cost and low-cost market and industry reports to Oregon's small businesses.

Bridget Whitehead is the lead data analyst at the Market Research Institute. With a background in statistics and education, Bridget understands the importance of evaluating data quality and using critical analysis to make sense of complex information, and enjoys supporting local businesses with reports that are insightful and easy to read. In her spare time, Bridget enjoys being outdoors, whether gardening or camping, and is learning to play the accordion!

Full stack digital health - Innovation, specialization then consolidation

We will talk about the startup journey for Life Sciences /Biosciences startups with Jane Lee Choe.

Jane Lee Choe is advising and investing in healthtech startups at every stage from pre-seed to IPO and participating in the largest healthcare mergers in recent history (Crossover Health, Robin Care, Livongo and Teladoc) gives me a unique perspective on launch, growth and scale of startups. Look forward to sharing a chapter of the sales playbook as a founding member of APIS Health Angels.

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Team, Team, Team with Isaac Kato

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