• Team, Team, Team with Isaac Kato

    Online event


    When Techstars talks about what they look at in the companies that they bring into the Techstars accelerator, they have said "Team, Team, Team, Market, Traction, Product".

    Isaac Kato, the Managing Director for Techstars Seattle will talk about his experiences with the Teams that he has seen in Techstars and the opportunities afforded by the Techstars Founder Network.

    Isaac has been the CEO of Mightly AI, the Founder of an Icelandic Internet Service provider, an Associate at a Venture Capital Firm. So he has seen teams from many different angles.

  • Revenue Based Financing

    Online event

    There are many choices for how to get outside money for your business that are not Banks and not regular Angel Investments. Where Bank loans put a stress on the company to pay fixed monthly costs, Revenue Based Funding ebbs and flows with the revenue of the company.

    It opens up the opportunity for investment in a much wider set of companies with different kinds of growth patterns.

    Denise Dunlap from Sage Growth Capital will talk about the fund that they have created that uses a Revenue Based Financing mechanism.

  • Top 10 Deal Terms to understand

    Online event


    There are over 125 terms that can be used in a startup term sheet. The reality is there are about ten terms that are important for early stage investors to know. Come learn the basic terms and what they mean and how they are used in funding startups.

    Hall T. Martin - TEN Capital

    Hall launched TEN Capital as the Texas Entrepreneur Networks in 2009. Today, the firm has over 12,000 investors in its network, and has helped startups raise over $700M and counting.

    Hall serves as the Vice-Chair of the Baylor Angel Network. He previously led the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) as its first Executive Director, where he achieved over a 40X return for the investors.

    He is the founder and director of the Texas Open Angel Network, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the education of angel investors. As a part of that program, he hosts the Investor Connect podcast series.

    He is also a Founder and initial Managing Director of SKU (Incubation Station), a consumer product goods accelerator based in Austin, Texas, and the former Managing Director of AccelerateNFC, an accelerator based in Dallas, Texas, focusing on Near Field Communication.

    Hall serves as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Texas, leading the Idea to IP program, which fosters startups from the engineering program.

  • How to use storytelling to fund your startup and grow your business

    What is your story? Why does your company exist? Learn how to answer these questions and build a compelling narrative that will help you to identify your target market, streamline your short and long-term goals, and give you that elevator pitch you need for funding.

    Steffany Powell is a Innovative digital media strategist with expertise in executing analytics-based online initiatives and engagement strategies for Fortune 500 companies. She has a superior track record of creating and managing all facets of digital media from editorial and marketing copy to video assets. Her expertise drove her to gather as many of her like-minded colleagues together to form Fortuna Creative, a content and design agency that specializes in digital storytelling and social-media marketing for startups and small companies.

  • Pitch Deconstruction: Getting into the details of your Pitch

    Online event


    On the Startup Journey, the Pitch is a key part of engagement between the Startups and outside investors. The Elevator Pitch, the 5 minute pitch, everyone on your team needs to be able to make a credible pitch about the company and what you are doing.
    As a part of any Angel Group, a startup may end up pitching multiple times. Frequently, there is little feedback about the pitch. The Startup does not get to hear the conversation about what the investors were concerned about.

    In the Pitch Deconstruction, any of the companies that come will get a chance to give a 1 minute pitch. There will be a active Investors at the event, and they will provide general feedback to all of the 1 minute pitches.

    The audience will vote for the ones that they would like to hear more from, and those winners (typically 5-6) will then give a 3 minute pitch.

    The one minute pitches should not include slides. The 3 minute pitches are able to use a slide deck.

    Know a company that needs to get more clarity about what the investors are hearing when they listen to their pitch? Please invite them to come to this workshop.

  • Pitch for Impact: 8 Steps to a great pitch

    Online event

    Raising money for your business can be a complex and frustrating process. Finding the right investors is hard. And how the heck do you fit your whole business plan in a 10 minute pitch? The short answer is you don’t. The key is to focus on what the right investors need to know to establish connection, curiosity, and credibility.

    In this session, Dana will take us through the steps to create and deliver a great pitch to the right investors. You’ll learn a planning process that saves time, adds clarity to your message and helps you to develop a connection with your listeners. You’ll discover why it’s important to be authentic and show your passion and commitment when you pitch. She’ll also debunk 3 myths about pitching to investors.

    Dana is a pitch coach with a unique combination of expertise as both an investor and a trainer. She spent many years training leaders and teams around the world on how to give presentations with impact. Dana has lived and worked in several different countries. She has trained people from many cultures and diverse industries.

    As an angel investor, Dana has seen and evaluated hundreds of pitches over the years, developing an insight into what works and what does not. She has tailored training tools and methods to the unique pitching process so that entrepreneurs can put everything they learn to immediate use.

    Dana is an active member and on the board of E8, a mission-based angel investment group that invests in cleantech companies, and attends many other investing or pitching events. She has participated in or led numerous due diligence teams. Dana graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a degree in Business and Finance and has also studied psychology and coaching.

  • Angel Investing 101 - An overview with Levi Reed

    Online event


    Levi Reed will give an overview of the Angel Investing process. He is an alumni of the Seattle Angel Conference and the director of the Seattle Chapter of Founders Institute. The process of Angel Investing can help startups go faster? It can also be profitable as an investment for Angel Investors.

    How can startups make the most of an Angel Investment? Who exactly is allowed to be Angel Investors by Federal Law?

    What are the best ways to invest? What are the things that Angel Investors should look for in startups? Are all startups Angel Investable?

    Come get your Angel Investing Questions answered.

    Levi says about himself:

    As a startup advisor and investor, I enjoy connecting with founders and learning about what they're working on, making connections to drive mutual benefit, and being part of the exciting experience of growing a new venture. As an advisor I focus on early stage growth, go to market strategy, and a thoughtful approach to marketing analytics.

    I lead an organization supporting new brands in the US for WS Audiology. Prior to that I led product marketing teams at Amazon and founded a digital marketing practice. I've worked with several tech and digital marketing startups as a member of the team, a consultant, and an advisor. I have about 12 years of professional experience primarily in product marketing, including B2B, consumer marketing, GTM strategy, and marketing analytics. I take a data-driven, analytical approach to my projects and I especially enjoy the opportunity to pair creative marketing strategy with quantitative analysis and robust testing and optimization strategy.

  • Learning about your customers with Google Analytics

    Online event

    Customers leave a lot of data by visiting your site. Collecting this data and using it effectively can help you understand more about your users. Which in turn can help you craft a better experience for your users and drive more conversions i.e. the outcomes your desire.
    Google Analytics, a free analytics tool, makes it easy for you to collect a lot of this data.

    In this session Anil will help you understand what Google Analytics is, how to set it up and will also walk you through various reports and use cases.

    Anil Batra is a Digital Marketing and Analytics professional with 18+ years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 and has helped them improve marketing results as well as develop data-driven culture. He has vast experience in Web, Email, Social, Display, Search, Paid Search, and CRM.

    His customers include Microsoft, ESPN, T-Mobile, Hoovers, RealNetworks, Starbucks, Estee Lauder, etc. He holds a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

    Anil has developed and taught programs at the University of British Columbia, University of Washington and Bellevue College. He conducts regular training sessions and workshops on various topics in Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics. He has also served on the Board of Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and was instrumental in starting the DAA Symposiums.

  • SAC 19: Final Seattle Angel Conference Event

    Online event


    The 19th Seattle Angel Conference is the final event for the program. Our finalists will present their companies. The Due Diligence Leads will talk about what they learned in their efforts. The participating investors will select the company that they want to make the investment in.

    Forty investors have created an investment of $200K. Which company will get this investment? Learn about the details of how Angel Investing works by watching the final decision in action.

    Register here: http://sac-xix.eventbrite.com/

  • Who Influences Health Solution Adoption?

    Online event

    Workshop Who Influences Health Solution Adoption?

    Thursday May[masked]pm

    In health care there are many players. Someone orders the drugs, or, the tests; another group pays for it; someone else sets the data privacy rules; and another group determines if they will pay for it. Understand who they are.

    In order to catalyze innovation in a complex industry we must all have a common understanding of the ecosystem and its ability to support transformation. Cambia Grove will explain its ongoing research into health care innovation's impact across the country. Determining what influence these players have on your proposed solution or the likelihood of your potential company being financially successful will be a better informed decision after hearing Julie talk.

    BIO Julie Panek Anderson

    Julie joined Cambia Grove in January 2018 and leads the creation and implementation of programs and initiatives aimed at optimizing the health care innovation ecosystem to support impactful innovation. Prior to joining Cambia Grove, Julie spent more than 5 years with Blue Shield of California driving cross-organizational collaboration as part of their Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program. As Senior Manager of the ACO Program Development and Innovation team, she drove multi-disciplinary efforts to build transformative new care models and better enable provider networks through improvements in technology enablement and team-based care.
    Julie began her career in health care in 2006 in hospital revenue cycle consulting, before pursuing a master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins. Later, as a process improvement specialist at Stanford Hospital, she drove Lean/Six Sigma projects across the health system and gained insights into the challenges faced at the provider level.