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Welcome to the Seattle Beginners Hikers and Adventure Meet-up group. If you enjoy the outdoors, want to explore our great state with some like minded individuals and enjoy meeting new people - you have come to the right place. The leadership team believes in safety and that what we begin together we finish together.

We take RSVP's very seriously and have decided to enforce the three no show rule. What does that mean? If you RSVP and do not show up at the event without any prior communication as to why you cannot make it, then you will be marked as a "no show." Three no show's and the leadership team will determine if you remain with the group or get booted out.

Anyone who would like to lead an event, let leadership know. You have to do a couple of event with us so we can go over our vision and mission. Upon approval/recommendation, you will be given access to post events. The more leaders the more events we can offer. So please ask.

Even though this groups name is "Seattle Beginner Hikers" (that was the original name) we do want to expand our events. Most anything outdoors can be suggested and even tried. You will also see some events with Beginner or Intermediate tags. It is our hope to broaden the "Beginners" experience. It has really been my pleasure to see people who start off with us in the beginners stage and grow beyond us.

Thank you and look forward to meeting you all sometime on the trail.

Past events (118)

Hike the PCT to Dewey Lake

Kent Des Moines Park and Ride

Goat Lake Overnight

Woodinville Park and Ride

Annette Lake (Advance Beginners)

Issaquah Transit Center

Lake Serene

Woodinville Park And Ride

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