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A community of creative minds that are excited about the idealism of decentralized Blockchain technology. Our team curates educational experiences, news media, blog articles, video and events for those that are interested in learning more about this widely evolving space. We welcome you to learn, explore and engage with other like-minded Blockchain enthusiasts.

We hosted Seattle’s first Blockchain Conference in June 2018. Since then we host meetups regularly inviting many of Blockchain companies to come visit Seattle to share their knowledge and insight in the world of Blockchain & Crypto.

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Building Blockchain Worlds & Ecosystems|| Protocols, Games, Community DEMOS

Let's see some actual projects that have something to show. The first half will be live short demos of dApps, Games, and projects. This will be followed by Q&A. This format will showcase the projects in progress on what's actually being built within the Seattle community. This meetup will feature projects focused on advancing adoption through building developer communities, protocols, exchanges and virtual worlds/games. We invite those within the Seattle & Vancouver Blockchain community to share their experiences but also to demo what they've been working on. Tezos Commons Foundation - To build & foster the Tezos Ecosystem. Mythical Games - Seattle Game Studios created by ex Activision/Blizzard devs. 8Circuit Studios - Seattle Game Studios with devs who made Halo, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and more. Hoard Exchange || True ownership of Virtual Items. It enables them to take advantage of true ownership, virtual exchange and crowdfunding. ================= Amer Justice, Tezos Commons Foundation. Rudy Koch, Mythical Games. Paulina Shafir, Mythical Games James Mayo, 8 Circuit Studios Chistopher Robison, Hoard Exchange ======= About Coinstate Community & Media:: CoinState is a Blockchain community & media team based in Seattle. Focused on building communities & events around Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco. CoinState launched BlockchainNW, the first Blockchain Conference in Seattle with speakers from Bittrex, T-mobile, MyCrypto, New Alchemy, Caesars Entertainment and more. CoinState has also launched events globally from Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange, private event Larry King (CNN), Singapore and more. Learn more about our events at Coinstate.com

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